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Do Symbian OS v9 and Symbian^3 mean the same thing?
by Mexico in Web Design

I am a little confused about the notations. What does Symbian^3 mean?
Also, how does Symbian^x relate to Symbian OS v9.y ?

New OVI SDK for Symbian
by Bas in Web Design

Has anyone tried the new OVI SDK for Symbian development?

What are your experiences?
Do you believe that it can help Nokia get more programmers building applications for Symbian based devices, or do you consider Flash Lite, Java or Python to be best choices?

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Qt or Symbian C++?
by Grumpy Tim in C & C++ & C#

I am planing to develop on Symbian systems but I am not familiar with it. I know (might be) the most popular way of developing on Symbian is Symbian C++, and I also heard of Qt. What's the difference between them? If I want my app run on most of the Symbian systems, which should I choose?
Can someone give me some overall advices?

Thank you~

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Debug on symbian
by Soccer55 in Programming Languages

i am using trk for phone debug

it is working properly for Helloworld project

but it is showing error for my project when i start project in phone debug mode

1)Load failed

2)TrkProtocolPlugin:failed to download specified file to target
(please verify that target path is writable)

if any body understand what problem i am facing plz

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Creating and using DLL in Symbian c++
by soonk in C & C++ & C#

i am new in symbain. i have no idea how to create symbian dll and using it in a symbian application.

i am looking some sort of tutorial or guide for:
1. how to create a dll in symbian c++?
2. how to use the created dll in an symbian app?

thanks in advance.

How I can use openssl in Qt or CQA for symbian?
by Tone in Development Tools & Services

I need to use some cryptography algorithms in my symbian Qt project.
But I could not compile QCA for my symbian environment.

How I can links my libcrypto.lib which is openssl static library for symbian to my QT application?I cannot find any place for configuring my QT application to accept this library.

Is it possible to compile QCA for symbian? If yes, how?

TAGS : openssl symbian

HashMap in symbian
by tolis626 in Programming Languages

i want to implement Hashmap in symbian

which takes two values

is there any body who have implement it

there is class RHashMap,RHashTable but i want to pass descrpter and value


else is there any class other solution for this

thanks in advance

TAGS : HashMap symbian

glib on Symbian S60
by AnthonyC in Programming Languages

I am interested in porting a C library that depends on glib to Symbian.

After some research, I found that there is a Symbian port of glib. However I can't seem to find much documentation about it. Can anyone point me to the right direction as to whether this can be even done or not? If yes, how.

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OCR for Nokia N95 / Symbian OS
by BeeBoop in Operating Systems

I am going to develop my mobile application and i am new in it and i want
To knew which programming language is good is it Symbian C++ or QT ?
You should know that i use Nokia N95 or in general mobiles with Symbian OS.
and my app.contains OCR(object character recognition) and TTS( Text To Speech).

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PyS60 vs Symbian C++
by sepe in C & C++ & C#

I'm planning some Symbian related development on S60 3.1 platform. It seems like generally available language options are Python and C++. However Nokia's official forum seems very much tilted towards C++.

I want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Python for S60 over Symbian C++? And is it even possible to do Python programming for S60 3.1 platform?

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