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How to get the best technical feedback possible from a non-technical user when supporting application issues?
by Brian in Programming Languages

A common problem I find when dealing with non-technical users when supporting technical issues is "translating" what I'm hearing to what actually is causing the problem. In our current application we do things like provide error message details that can be forwarded to our support team, however my question is:

1. Is there an approach that any of you have implemented and found succ

Scrum: Technical items in a backlog that is managed by a non technical PO?
by Greenman in Web Design

Should technical items such as "Upgrade sever from v1 to v2" or "Increase startup performance" or "Refactor login module to reduce code complexity" go in to the product backlog and if so how should a non technical product owner be able to prioritize them v.s other more functional backlog items?

Should there be a separate backlog for technical stuff? Should we have a joint PO role wi

What Is the Difference Between Technical Manuals & a Technical Data Package?
by Dannar26 in Electronics
A technical manual is a document that advises the owner or user about how to install or operate a device or carry out a process. A technical data package (TDP) is a much more detailed and descriptive document. It contains precise information regarding all aspects of the device or process. Technical ManualA technical manual is usually provided when you purchase a device or object that requires

How to Get a Job in Technical Editing
by Toetee in Careers & Job Searching
Technical writers put technical information into a format and language that's easy to understand. Instructions for putting together furniture, operating electronics, using computers and programming appliances are all examples of technical writing. A technical editor's job is to review these writings, often intended for owner's manuals and website help pages, for accuracy and clarity. According to

3G Technical Abbreviations
by Milander in Internet
With the inception of smartphones and PDAs, people across the world can access the Internet, radio and TV while on the move and make phone calls wirelessly. Thanks to technologies such as 3G, our immediate communication channels have expanded. Although we know what our mobile device can achieve, we don't necessarily know how. Technical details of these telecommunications, including radio and cellu

DFW Technical Schools
by Simon Capewell in Education
Dallas--Fort Worth is a metropolitan area in northeast Texas. As of the 2009 census estimate, the population of the Greater Dallas--Fort Worth Metropolitan area was approximately 6.5 million people. The Dallas--Fort Worth area is home to several excellent technical schools that offer a variety of programs and career placement assistance in a variety of fields. ATI Technical Training CenterATI T

LPN Technical Schools
by Jason Merrill in Education
Licensed Practical Nurses, or LPNs, care for patients under the supervision of registered nurses and physicians. LPNs provide bedside care, record vital signs and prepare injections, attend to wound dressings and maintain patient comfort. If you are interested in becoming an LPN, you must undergo training from a technical school, community college or vocational school. The U.S. Department of Labor

How to Use Technical Indicators
by fukas78 in Personal Finance
Indicators are tools used by stock chart readers to help them analyze the future potential of stocks and other securities. Most indicators are developed using formulas that calculate two basic data points--price and volume. Most chart software today offers a large number of indicators that can be plotted on a stock's price chart or below the price on the chart. This allows analysts to make compari

Can a 529 Be Used for Technical School?
by sjwaste in Personal Finance
Prior to graduation, families and students should assess the type of institution they would like to attend. While some prefer to attend a conventional four-year college, others may desire to select a technical school. According to the Organization for Technical Schools, attending technical school can save families up to $20,000 per year as compared to a four-year institution. If a family has a 52

CRM Technical Requirements
by FodderMK in Computers
Customer relationship management software helps businesses increase sales by enabling them to understand their relationships with other businesses and customers and to target potential customers. On-premise deployed CRM systems--run within the businesses--have the full range of technical requirements. Hosted CRM systems--run over the Internet by CRM hosting businesses--offer complete or partially

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