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How to get the best technical feedback possible from a non-technical user when supporting application issues?
by Brian in Programming Languages

A common problem I find when dealing with non-technical users when supporting technical issues is "translating" what I'm hearing to what actually is causing the problem. In our current application we do things like provide error message details that can be forwarded to our support team, however my question is:

1. Is there an approach that any of you have implemented and found succ

Scrum: Technical items in a backlog that is managed by a non technical PO?
by Greenman in Web Design

Should technical items such as "Upgrade sever from v1 to v2" or "Increase startup performance" or "Refactor login module to reduce code complexity" go in to the product backlog and if so how should a non technical product owner be able to prioritize them v.s other more functional backlog items?

Should there be a separate backlog for technical stuff? Should we have a joint PO role wi

What Is the Difference Between Technical Manuals & a Technical Data Package?
by Dannar26 in Electronics
A technical manual is a document that advises the owner or user about how to install or operate a device or carry out a process. A technical data package (TDP) is a much more detailed and descriptive document. It contains precise information regarding all aspects of the device or process. Technical ManualA technical manual is usually provided when you purchase a device or object that requires

MRI Technical Training
by redblacktree in Careers & Job Searching
Persons who receive MRI technical training, also called MRI technicians, examine patients with the help of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to diagnose medical problems. This technology produces a series of images that represent the internal morphology of a patient. Two to four years of training in radiology with special courses in MRI leads to an associate degree or bachelor's degree in radiology

The Best Technical Universities in the USA
by avi in Education
For those interested in learning about technology, engineering, or science, technical universities can be the perfect college fit. Offering specialization and particular notoriety in these subjects, students at the best of these universities learn from accredited figures within these fields. Additionally, many of these technical universities also offer an active student body and plenty of ways to

Top Technical Careers
by Nick Pegg in Careers & Job Searching
The high-tech field is known for having jobs with stability and decent wages. Because the field covers such a broad spectrum of products and services, there are a large number of career paths available. Some of these technical career choices are considered to be more ideal, either because of the skills they require or the salary that they earn. Knowing which technical careers are more sought after

How to Do Technical Drawings
by Daniel E. Renfer in Education
Technical drawings are a useful means of creating a design. By creating a technical drawing, you can help the architect understand your preliminary design ideas more clearly. Technical drawings are useful for home designs, renovations, product development and for inventions. Having a nice-looking drawing to present to the designer helps her to gain a clear understanding of the approach that you

How to become a technical architect?
by xSauronx in Coding

I have spent more than 3 years into dotnet (C#) programming and now want to look into the framework / design stuffs.

I have decided to become a good architect in future. I know that for this I need to work hard. I am ready to do so.

What I do not know is how to start with?

Could you people be kind enough in order to help me in getting the right stepping stone

RAF Technical Training
by pulkizine in Careers & Job Searching
No 1 School of Technical Training is a part of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and it is located at RAF Cosford. Technical Training instruction is offered to servicemen in schools such as the Aerosystems Training Wing, No 1 Radio School and the School of Physical Training. WingsThere are three primary schools for wings or RAF servicemen who carry out missions or administrative duties. Technical Train

How to Do a Technical Resume
by IndyColtsFan in Careers & Job Searching
A technical resume should highlight your expertise in a way that aligns with the position you're applying for. By using the keywords in a job description in your cover letter and resume, you demonstrate that you have previously carried out the duties of the new position and can smoothly make the transition into the new one. Employers are looking for candidates who will not need too much trai
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