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Grails remoteFunction updating view using templates which has Jquery does recognize elements from templates
by Soccer55 in Web Design

I have a view with a button, and when it is clicked it calls remoteFunction(ajax Call) to update a div with a template which has jQuery function associated with it. But that jQuery function does not recognize the elements in the updated div. So the jQuery function is not working correctly to render the view.

My view looks like

<input type="button" value="Someth

ImportError: no module named templates on Google App Engine with Web.py DESPITE having compiled templates
by skh in Programming Languages

Using Python26 on Windows 7 and latest webpy.

I copied the basic example (http://webpy.appspot.com/) for setting up Web.py on GAE, and followed the instructions for compiling templates for use with GAE (http://webpy.org/cookbook/templates_on_gae), but after doing so still have the ImportError: No module named templates.

Just to be clear: There are lots of people who have

file not accessible: 'templates/test.html' using jinja2 templates in certain directories
by Fremont in Development Tools & Services

A simple GAE application threw the following error on self.jinja2.render_template() on only one computer, but not on any others (both macs and pcs):

ERROR 2012-02-14 21:54:04,987 webapp2.py:1528] [Errno 13] file not accessible: 'templates/test.html'
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Applications/GoogleAppEngineLauncher.app/Contents/Resources/GoogleAppEngine

Converting HTML/CSS templates into Wordpress templates: CSS image path changing
by Japan in Web Design

I bought a template with the following structure:

*.html files

style.css is located in css/ folder.

In order to create a functional Wordpress theme, do I absolutely have to move style.css to the root folder and adjust all of the paths in style.css to match the new location of images? (cause they're not in ../img,

how to load different frontend modules templates in backend for cutomizing templates contents using symfony 1.4,doctrine
by dfrolov in Development Tools & Services

how to load different frontend modules templates in backend for cutomizing templates contents

I have class module in frontend & also templates as well.
I have also created a module in backend as emailcontent for accesing several modules templates
to customize html.
1. How do i access/Load templates in backend module emailcontent

jQuery Templates - How to check if template is already compiled and is in templates stack?
by Blackjack200 in Coding

I'm using official jQuery template plugin:

I need some boolean check to know if template is already compiled.

Anyone knows how to check it?

Thanks ;)



Should return false if there is no compiled template with name 'thumbnail'

Converting Django Templates to Jinja Templates - Automatically Scope
by semicolonth in Web Design

I am going through the not-very-fun process of converting my Django templates into Jinja templates. One big headache I've run into is that in Jinja, variables in scope in a parent block do not automatically trickle down into a child block. For example, the following will not work:

{% for item in seq %}
<li>{% block loop_item %}{{ item }}{% endblock %}</li>
creating in c++ a vector of templates whose type is unknown (void templates)
by Keeper in C & C++ & C#

I have a C++ template class that contains a method pointer and a class pointer, and who has single method, call, that calls the method pointer on the class pointer.

This template is called Method< C >, C being the class of the class and method pointers.

I want to create an array (std::vector) of this template, but I want this

loading Jinja templates from python modules (pre-compiled templates)
by AdamK47 in Development Tools & Services

I'am using Python 2.5 on App Engine and tried to get the Jinja2 ModuleLoader to work.

To initialize the environment I use :

@staticmethod # get Jinja environment (global)
def get_new(): # and initialize Jinja environment
if myEnv._my_env == None :

Drupal, Ubercart, products templates (prices templates)
by Delaware in Web Design

I want to change the template of my Ubercart products. More in detail, I want to add the label "From..." in front of each price. But I cannot find the template to do it.

I'm also using theme developer module and this is what I get:

zen_uc_product_price <
phptemplate_uc_product_price <

But I cannot find such files.<


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