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Do You Need the E-Tickets or Paper Tickets for a Flight?
by Maine in Travel
Airlines issue travelers electronic tickets (e-tickets) when they make flight reservations via the Internet or over the phone. An e-ticket contains the same pertinent information, such as flight number, itinerary and reservation code, as paper tickets. Even though airlines have been using e-tickets for a while now, there is still some confusion about whether you need e-tickets or paper tickets for

How to Get Movie Tickets Refunded or Get Free Movie Tickets
by Andrew L. in Arts & Entertainment
Getting your movie tickets refunded or getting free movie tickets is as easy as asking. If, for any reason, you aren't satisfied with your experience at the movies, speak up, don't just plan to never come back. Movie theater staff, while diligent, may not be aware that the sound is off in a certain theater, the air conditioning too cold or the screen dirty. While theaters can't be responsible for

How to Buy Bus Tickets
by ioudas in Travel
Today, bus travelers can buy tickets in a variety of ways. Bus companies sell tickets online, over the telephone, at bus terminals and participating agents. Buying methods can vary depending on the bus company and location of origination. Online PurchasesSelect bus companies sell travel tickets on their websites and through partner websites, such as online travel sites. Travelers can search bus
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How to Get BCS Tickets
by Icecold in Sports & Fitness
Imagine your favorite college football team has just been crowned champions, for the first time in school history, of one of the six conferences that receives an automatic berth to a Bowl Championship Series, or BCS game. You'll no doubt want to be at that BCS game. The BCS is an annual five-game college football extravaganza that was created in 1998 to, according to a BCS press release, "ensure t
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How to Get Tickets for SNL
by mkmitch in Arts & Entertainment
"Saturday Night Live" has been a favorite comedy show since the 1970s, giving rise to such stars as Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler. The show is widely popular with audiences, who get to see some of the biggest names in entertainment perform. The tickets are in great demand, but fans have a couple of different options to see this show live.Difficulty:Moderately Challenging
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How to Get Tickets for Less
by Mpalle in Travel
Finding discounted tickets for air travel, concerts, shows and sporting events helps keep your budget in check and still lets you have some fun. Before you go out and pay full price for tickets, check resources for discounted and less-expensive options. It helps to have flexibility in your schedule for airline tickets and shows. Sporting events and concerts, which tend to be one-time affairs, usua
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How to Get Tickets to WWE
by Lafe in Business
World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) is a company headquartered in Stamford, Conn., that produces professional wresting events around the world. Popular wresting show brands produced by WWE include Raw, SmackDown, WWE Superstars, WWE NXT, Extreme Rules and WrestleMania. WWE does not directly sell tickets to its events. However, WWE does offer an interactive online schedule that links to the exclusiv
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How to Get VIP Tickets
by bkircher in Holidays & Celebrations
VIP tickets can be moderately difficult to obtain, because fewer VIP tickets are available than standard tickets. It is important to do the legwork necessary to purchase VIP tickets to an event you want to attend. From concerts to "Farewell" tours meant to send your favorite singer off into retirement to sports games, individuals, groups and organizations can all purchase VIP tickets. (In some but
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How To Use E Tickets
by cengel4 in Travel
Long gone are the days of airlines issuing paper tickets to travelers. Carriers either charge an additional fee for this traditional ticket format or have eliminated its use altogether. Electronic tickets, or e tickets for short, have greatly streamlined the check-in procedure for a flight. They provide customers with a more active role in the check-in, which decreases interaction with airport per
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The Best Way to Buy NBA Tickets
by sm625 in Sports & Fitness
Getting tickets for an NBA game is not easy. In many cities, tickets are in high demand, making it a complicated task. If you are trying to get tickets for games involving top superstars like LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, you may have to pay premium prices to get tickets that are far from the court. The same holds true if you want to see great teams like the Celtics or Spurs; those tickets may be d
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