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How to Buy a Star Trek Costume
by xeemzor in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Star Trek has remained popular for the past 40 years. Dedicated fans enjoy the multiple television series and movies. Hard-core collectors will be interested in official merchandise used during production, but others can purchase costumes that are similar to the ones worn by the cast members. These can be fun to wear at Halloween parties or Star Trek conventions.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Thi
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Trek 7100 Vs. 7200
by kranky in Sports & Fitness
If you are using a bicycle as your main form of transportation, you may want to consider whether a traditional bike or an electric bike is better suited to your needs. The Trek 7100 and 7200 are similar in size and design, but one is man-powered while the other has an electric motor. FeaturesThe Trek 7100 seven-speed is available in a bright silver and metallic black version or in metallic gree
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How to Install Trek Decking
by Summerfun in Home & Garden
Trek decking is a composite decking made mostly of plastic that is molded into deck boards. This type of decking requires no painting, staining, or maintenance. Because it is made of plastic instead of wood, the installation techniques are substantially different. One aspect of Trek decking is that it expands and contracts with the temperature. For this reason, installation should be performed dur

How to Clean Trek Decking
by Franklin Henderson in Home & Garden
Trex decking, a type of composite deck material, requires less care than a traditional wood deck. A Trex deck does, however, require periodic cleaning. Periodic cleaning will remove dirt buildup and help to avoid issues with mold or mildew--a common problem with composite decking. Food spills, leaves and snow should be removed from Trex decking as soon as possible.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstruc
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Trek 3700 Specifications
by brainhulk in Sports & Fitness
The Trek company manufactures bicycles used for mountain biking and long-distance touring. It began producing bikes in 1976. Mountain bikes used for dirt jumping often feature a shock-absorbent rear suspension. Bikes used exclusively for trail riding commonly have a hardtail design that does not have a rear suspension. Trek offers the 3700 model in its line of 2011 hardtail mountain bikes. Func

Trek 830 Mountain SHX Specifications
by Mcad in Sports & Fitness
The Trek Bicycle Corporation first started as a bike frame manufacturer in 1976, but two years later, the Wisconsin-based company began offering consumers full setups. Now in its 35th year, the company offers a wide variety of both mountain bikes and road cycles, from affordable to competitive models. The 830 SHX is a somewhat affordable mountain bike, with available steel frame sizes that could f

How to Travel to Northwest Trek
by ShifterMSK in Travel
Washington's Northwest Trek is a 400+ acre wild animal park. Unlike the zoo, the animals have free reign in the park. This freedom gives humans a great opportunity to view animals like bison, wolverines, beavers and more, in their natural habitats.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Picnic lunch
Rain gear

Choose a cool overcast day to visit Northwest Trek. M

Star Trek PC Games
by Aires in Computers
The "Star Trek" series is one of television's longest-running science fiction works and has picked up an enormous cult following. In addition to several different TV shows and a host of feature-length movies, there have also been a number of Star Trek games for the PC. One of the primary attractions of these games is their ability to put the players behind the helm of a Federation spacecraft or on
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How to Replace Sprockets on a Trek
by pttr in Sports & Fitness
Trek bicycles with multiple gears use a device called a "cassette," which is a cluster of sprockets affixed to the side of the rear wheel. Working in concert with the chain and front chain rings, sprockets allow the cyclist to choose from different gear ratios. Chain friction causes sprockets to wear over time, sometimes resulting in "chain skip." Chain skip occurs when the teeth surrounding the s

Trek Navigator 2.0 Specifications
by tl1000sv in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Trek Navigator 2.0 is a city bike, a bicycle designed for riding short commutes in flat, urban areas. It's a competitor of the Giant Sedona LX and the Schwinn Sierra GSD. This bicycle is available in two colors: Charcoal Metallic Duotone and Neptune Blue. Its retail price is about $439.99. The specifications below are given for the 2011 model year. FramesetThe Trek Navigator 2.0 comes in fo

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