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insert data from one table to another table table name genrated runtime without declaring the table fields
Category : Databases

I have two table say table1 and table2 all the columns in both table are same but table2 has some extra column in which i want to insert a some default value and name of table is generated runtime so table name can be changed so i cant declare the field of table.

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Insert the data from Old table to new table, ID from new table and update for the corresponding row in old table. Most optimized way?
Category : Databases

I have two table. OLDTABLE and NEWTABLE.
I need to insert some data from oldtable to newtable and the get the ID from new table and update in the oldtable for that corresponding row. the newtable ID has seperate column in oldtable which is null by default.

One way is to get the ID from both table while inserting the data in new table and then later find the data in oldtable and

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archiving table records to another table by trigger(move daialy table records to weekly table, evry day)
Category : Databases

I have written this trigger in mysql 5:

create trigger changeToWeeklly after insert on tbl_daily for each row
insert into tbl_weeklly SELECT * FROM vehicleslocation v
where v.recivedate < curdate();
delete FROM tbl_daily where recivedate < curdate();

i want to archive records by date, move yesterday inserted record from dai

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In sqlalchemy, how can I use polymorphic joined table inheritance when the child table has multiple foreign keys to the parent table?
Category : Databases

I have a parent table called pbx_point that has a point_type column. I also have a child table called pbx_route, with a column called point_id pointing back to pbx_point.

I'd like to use sqlalchemy's joined table inheritance to relate these two tables via declarative base, and use polymorphic inheritance


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Format as table (TableStyles) in Excel VSTO 2007, error: one table cannot overlap another table
Category : Programming Languages

I am making an add-in and I am trying to format the output which my add-in generates,using Format as table table-styles provided by Excel.

The one which you get on the 'home tab' --> 'Format as Table' button on the ribbon.

I am using following code:

SourceRange, System.Type.Mis

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Combine multiple records in a table into one field in another table based on fields in a third table
Category : Databases

I have three tables:

Table 1:
pid, name, address
1 Dale BLANK
Table 2:
pid, moid
1 12
Table 3:
moid, address
12 123 Main
12 12 South
12 99 North

For output I need:

Table 1:
pid, name, address
1 Dawn 123 Mian,12 South,99 North

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Good db table design: One table mixing different entities or separate table for each entity
Category : Programming Languages

What is better database design?

Having one big table that could contain different "types" of records eg: employees, cars, cell-phones, and in order to identify each type of record, we have a column called type.

So the table would have columns that look like

id | type | name

1 | car | Ford

2 | car | Toyota

3 | phone | motorola

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jQuery replicating attributes of one table's headers to all table data cells in another table
Category : Web Design

I have the following jQuery which will allow me to update the widths and classes from the header of one table onto the data cells of another.

Currently the following only updates the first row in the other table but i need it to update all the widths and classes in the other table for consistency :(

$($orginalHeaders).each(function(index) {
$headWidth = $(thi

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accessing Altering & querying Sql Server 2005 Table by a table-id or table-index
Category : Coding

Is there any way to address/refer to a SQL SERVER table, by its Unique Index rather its TableName ?

my Application is using multiple html tables, which are acutally within a form,

for CRUD opporations,(more R/U than Create or delete) of an Existing SQL Table.

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Navigation bar with CSS table-layout property (problems with table-cell and table-row)
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to make a responsive navigation bar that has undetermined number of links on the left side and a search button on the right side.

Links should be equal width no matter how many, and search button should be 50px wide. Responsive comes into play when screen width is less than 768px.

I'm using CSS table-layout: fixed as well table-cell a

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