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LoadFromDataTable With TableStyles creates an Error upon re-opening Excel Workbook
by ArmHead in Programming Languages

I've gone looking online for this solution and can't find anything that explains my problem.

I am using EPPLus for vb.net (using OfficeOpenXml) and my code looks something like this:

Dim Package As New ExcelPackage
Dim wks As ExcelWorksheet
Dim dt As DataTable
wks.Cells("A1").LoadFromDataTable(dt, True, TableStyles.Medium9)
Dim SaveAs As New FileIn

Format as table (TableStyles) in Excel VSTO 2007, error: one table cannot overlap another table
by micaleel in Programming Languages

I am making an add-in and I am trying to format the output which my add-in generates,using Format as table table-styles provided by Excel.

The one which you get on the 'home tab' --> 'Format as Table' button on the ribbon.

I am using following code:

SourceRange, System.Type.Mis

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