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Tell Tale Signs That a Dog Is Ill
by Gogonez in Pets
When a dog is ill, there are a number of different symptoms that can be exhibited. While different symptoms can mean different things, there are some tell-tale signs that indicate when a dog is ill. These signs are a strong indicator that something is wrong and that the dog should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Weight ChangesRapid weight loss or gain can be an indicator that som
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Tell-tale Signs of Cheating
by uo7 in Relationships & Family
If cheating is the scourge of relationships, then paranoia and naivete are, at two extremes, its devious accomplices. At one end of the spectrum, obsessive suspicion may snuff out cheaters, but more likely will repel innocent guys -- or suffocate them into straying. At the other end, unconditional trust is romantic in ideal, but risks becoming self-defeating gullibility; indeed, willful ignoranc

How to Write Your Very Own Fairy Tale
by dfuze in Arts & Entertainment
For creative writers who love to entertain young people, writing fairy tales can be a dream come true. There are many venues for publishing fairytales, from blogs and websites to books and magazines. However, before you can publish a fairy tale, you need to know how to write one. The key to fairy tale writing is to find ways of using mystical characters and settings to illustrate real morals. This

Fairy Tale Art Lessons
by mikhaelrasputin in Education
Fairy tales can be incorporated with art lessons. The art lessons can be based on the classic fairy tale stories that are shared with a class, and then children can use their imagination to create expressions about the characters, scenes and stories by personalizing their art creations. They can also learn to relate to the stories, and express themselves and their interpretations through art. P
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How to Write Your Own Fairy Tale
by Mcad in Culture & Society
Spend a few minutes in the fantasy world and write your own tale of fairies, dragons, elves, and mermaids. Impress your kids with their very own bedtime fairy tale.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need

Start with a fantasy character.Pick a character for your story that has the traits of someone in your life

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Features of a Traditional Tale
by Matthias in Arts & Entertainment
Traditional tales can give someone a view into the time period of its creation as well as the culture to which it is attributed. Though written down at some point, the primary method of disseminating the tales was orally from person to person. As people ventured out to other cultures, the tales would take on new characteristics or plot points to reflect the area. A common device in the stories is

How to Write Your Own Tall Tale
by nipj in Culture & Society
A tall tale is a fictional story telling of impossible events with exaggerated, heroic characters. Think about Paul Bunyan, Hercules and the Jolly Green Giant. Tall tales are often humorous, simple stories of great feats. Exaggeration is very important in writing your own tall tale, so make sure your characters are not just tall, but 30 feet tall; not just strong, but strong enough to hold up the
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Three Elements of a Pourquoi Tale
by camt in Arts & Entertainment
A pourquoi tale describes the origin of something, often in a humorous or exaggerated way. Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories," some of Aesop's fables and many folk tales are pourquoi tales, which may tell of how the leopard got his spots, or why the rabbit has a short stubby tail. Grade-school teachers often have children learn to write by creating pourquoi tales. A Special Beginning and Endin

Help Writing a Fairy Tale
by SteveGrabowski in Arts & Entertainment
Fairy tales are a tradition of storytelling that form a major part of the early reading habits of many children, and as a result, fairy tale writing assignments are often set by teachers. Rooted in oral storytelling, fairy tales originate in the folk story tradition, and they share some of the characteristics of this genre, particularly in their short length. Fairy tales, however, typically involv

Elements in an Action Tale
by shortylickens in Careers & Job Searching
For readers, action stories are often described as "beach reads" or "page turners." For writers, however, the craft of writing action scenes requires control, precision and mastery of detail. Some of the elements in action stories include high stakes, unfolding dramatic conflict, logically consistent kinesthetics, and smooth pacing. High StakesAction scenes in which the stakes are pitifully low

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