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In Task Parallel Library: How to defer Task.TaskFactory.FromAsync task execution?
by doctorbigtime in Programming Languages

I have a method that returns a task like:

public static Task<int> SendAsync(this Socket socket, byte[] buffer, int offset, int count)
if (socket == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("socket");
if (buffer == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("buffer");
return Task.Factory.FromAsync<int>(
socket.BeginSend(buffer, of

Does Task.Wait(int) stop the task if the timeout elapses without the task finishing?
by Lathentar in Programming Languages

I have a task and I expect it to take under a second to run but if it takes longer than a few seconds I want to cancel the task.

For example:

Task t = new Task(() =>
while (true)


How to get the classes task for a JavaExec task in gradle to depend on another task?
by The Merg in Java

Is this even possible? I have something like:

task taskB(dependsOn: taskA) {
// Do stuff.
task taskA {
// Do stuff.
task runClass(dependsOn: 'classes', type: JavaExec) {
main = 'com.some.package.MainClass'
classpath = some.classpath

I want to run taskB before classes

Celery: Executing a task after another task, but return the result of the first task
by arbeitandy in Programming Languages

Sometimes I need to run task B after task A, but return the result of task A. Looking at the docs, I have tried to (Avoid launching synchronous subtasks)

So I would use a chain, like this:

def A():
return 5
def B():
return 2
def do_all():
chain = A.s() | B.s()
return res

In Rally: Can I map custom task states to existing Task states in a Rally Task Board (similar to Kanban for user stories)?
by Jason Merrill in Web Design

What would it take to create a TASK card board with mappable states like Rally's existing Kanban board supports.

I would like to add one or two custom task states: like "ready to merge" and "unit test complete". The existing task board doesn't support this feature.

I played with the card board code using the Rally 2.0 SDK (preview) and was able to quickly display tasks

Java task queue, threadpool and threads with callback to inform when a new task can start
by cjdavis in Development Tools & Services

I have tried to find a way how to load several web pages in multiple threads with a certain maximum limit of threads, in a way such that a new page is loaded when one finish. There should also be another post-processing threads for the loaded content after the page is downloaded so that the whole process is chained.

How I'd like to make it:

Task queue holds the pages that s

Invoking Rake::Task in rails causes “Don't know how to build task…”
by George H. in Web Design

Trying to integrate some friendly_id gem functionality on a controller method.

Essentially, I have a Market object, which has its URL created based on a custom method. Since it's based on a custom method, friendly_id won't update the URL when the Market object gets updated. Friendly_id does offer a redo_slugs rake task, but when I call it from within my controller, it tells me tha

Running Basic Laravel Task in Routes.php - “Sorry, can't find that task.”
by Gerhard Miller in Programming Languages

I'm trying to setup a Laravel task to eventually be called as a cron job using the artisan interface.

In trying to get a simple task working, I keep getting the error that Laravel can't find that task: "Sorry, can't find that task."

Is this a problem with my version? I'm using a version downloaded less than a month ago which I know is at least v3.0 but I don't know how t

Multiple task invocations running spring task scheduler on jboss 5.0.1 GA
by rjbsmith in Programming Languages

I am running a Spring 3.1 MVC web application on JBoss 5.0.1 GA. I am not using annotations.

I have a singeton that has a method that I want scheduled to run at a certain time of the day.

I have my task scheduler configured as follows:

<task:scheduler id="taskScheduler"/>
<task:scheduled-tasks scheduler="taskScheduler">

How to create a task in task schedular using “Run whether the user is logged on or not”
by KaoFloppy in Programming Languages

And also tell me about "Run whether user is logged on or not" in detail. to avoid future hurdles to run the created task(details about username and password)

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