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Move WordPress posts and related taxonomy to custom post type & taxonomy
by GreenChile in Web Design

I have a clean WordPress installation using Twenty Eleven, with no plugins or other modifications. The blog contains approximately 800 posts with related tags and categories.

I'd like to move all these posts to a custom post type. By adding the following code to my functions.php my blog now has the custom post type installed and working perfectly.

//Add custom post t

Fetch first taxonomy name attached to the current post for custom taxonomy in wordpress
by lync-server-2010 in Web Design

On Wordpress theme in post single side bar.. I need to display recent 5 posts from the current custom taxonomy (eg. topic) attached, and also need to display all the posts in the same taxnomy tagged editors-pick.

I have tried with get_posts and supplying the term in argument which work fine for fetching required posts.. however, I'm unable to fetch the slug

Add & Separate Custom Post Types in Taxonomy.php / Taxonomy Page
by xeemzor in Web Design

I have a taxonomy.php file to display taxonomy terms. I added a filter in functions.php to include post types for the taxonomy page query. This filter:

add_filter( 'pre_get_posts' , 'ucc_include_custom_post_types' );
function ucc_include_custom_post_types( $query ) {
global $wp_query;
/* Don't break admin or preview pages. */
if ( !is_preview() &&

Get taxonomy links filtered by multiple taxonomy types
by nedfunnell in Web Design

I've build a website that has two 'departments', let's say 'shoes' and 'caps'.
There are two link at the top of the website, and with those links people can switch departments, and depending on which department they are on the styling and content is a bit different, some parts are the same, others are not.
For posts both of these departments are a taxonomy, so a new post can belong to

Drupal taxonomy url alias in advanced taxonomy block
by krismolendyke in Web Design

It seems that Advanced Taxonomy Block doesn't use a PathAuto url's.

Default setting of url is taxonomy/term/%tid.

Could somebody tell me replacement for term name?, instead of id I want to use taxonomy name.


How to Modify Taxonomy.php to Show All Posts for Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomy?
by kranky in Web Design

I'm building a Wordpress site, and I'm trying to figure out how to modify taxonomy.php to display all of the posts in a custom category and custom taxonomy, but I'm stuck. Here's the situation:

I have a custom post type called 'work.' Within that custom post type, I have a custom taxonomy called 'project type' where I have created several categories called photography,

How to display Taxonomy Imagefield on Menus via taxonomy menus
by sdculver in Web Design

Im making a website that needs a kind of graphical menu on the main site of my page, where it must be all the categories of the site with an Imagen (just the image and the category name).

Obviously im using Taxonomy for do this.

I already added all the taxonomy terms and added the image field "Imagen" on the taxonomy terms.

But. I dont know how to display th

Iterate through custom post type by custom taxonomy type? (Ordering wordpress posts by category, or displaying custom post type by taxonomy term)
by beefjerky911 in Web Design

I want to have a page that shows all posts, separated by category. The idea is to get the categories, and then iterate through all posts for each category. The problem is complicated by the fact that I want to iterate through all posts of a given custom type, using a custom taxonomy as the categories. (Running Wordpress 3)

In my functions.php, my custom post type is registered as "v

How to Make Up a Taxonomy
by luv2liv in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Taxonomies are important ways that scientists, economists, researchers, software developers and other professionals classify information. Scientists classify animal species with a very sophisticated taxonomy for example. They break it down into Latin words for the family of the animal and then the particular species. In this way, all taxonomies have criteria for classifying topics within their fie
TAGS : Make Taxonomy

Basics of Web Taxonomy
by msg in Internet
Taxonomy is the science and study of the classification of things. It is mostly used for the categorization of plants, animals and for other scientific purposes. Web Taxonomy is the categorization and classification of data and Web content. Web taxonomy directly affects the ability of the user to find the content he is looking for via browsing and search functions. Types of ContentThere is no o
TAGS : Basics Taxonomy

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