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How to Co-Teach a Team to Teach Elementary Reading
by Twista in Education
Teaching an entire elementary class reading is a tall order for one person to do. Frequently, elementary schools enlist the help of parent or community volunteers to work as a team to help the teacher to teach elementary reading to the students. This results in a team that is co-teaching elementary reading. When multiple people are teaching elementary reading to a classroom of children, the proces

How to Teach ESL and Teach Your Students to Sell
by CodeAndLearn in Careers & Job Searching
I sell Melaleuca products to supplement my teaching income. One of my students sells Mary Kay products. I let her do a presentation in class as long as she spoke in English.
I teach at a community center. Our goal is to teach our students to be self-sufficient. Teaching students how to sell, to have their own home business, is one way to meet this goal.Difficulty:EasyInstructions www.melal

How to Teach the Art of War
by Griff in Education
Plan your lessons judiciously when teaching Sun Tzu's seminal work, "The Art of War," in the public school setting. The book provides a detailed look at the practice and logistics of the conduct of a war as well as a thought-provoking dissemination of strategy. Be sure to incorporate other literary treatments of war in your unit of study to provide a thorough examination of the humanity of this to
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How to Teach Your Son About Sex
by NoTine42 in Relationships & Family
Parents have an active role to play in educating their sons about sex, and introducing the subject at an early age can reinforce important issues such as childbirth, relationship values, contraception and sexual health. Skipping or delaying this education can lead to young males experimenting with sex at an early age, and it can also result in unhappy relationships, unwanted pregnancies and sexual
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How to Teach With a PhD
by Samuel K in Education
If you have a doctor of philosophy degree, or PhD, the chances are that you want to consider a professorship as a career. However, while the profession of a university or college professor is one of the most prestigious and respected occupations, it is also very competitive. In addition to a PhD degree from an established university, you also need to possess skills in oral and written communicatio
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How to Teach Your Dog to Go To Bed
by Granville Barnett in Pets
Training your dog to go to bed, on command, is one of the most common and most useful commands you can use. You can use it to redirect your dog during an unpleasant behavior during a wide array of daily events. You should know, however, that "go to bed" should not be used just as a disciplinary action. Pleasant feelings must also be associated with the command so your dog will continue to obey the
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How to teach a dog to tell you when he wants to go outside
by Erik in Pets
It can be a difficult and long task, but there are ways to teach your dog to tell you when he wants to go outside. Here are steps to help you achieve this goal.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Find a device that your dog can use to alert you when they want to go out. A bell on a string hanging next to the door is great since the dog can hit it with its paw.
Teach your dog to ring the bell. Be

How to Teach CPR
by Radeon962 in Health
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) involves giving chest compressions and artificial respiration to a victim who has undergone cardiac or respiratory arrest. CPR can save lives, and CPR instructors have the ability to teach laypeople and medical professionals how to perform this life-saving procedure. As a CPR instructor, it is important to make your students feel confident in their ability to su
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How to teach a dog to lie down
by davidg in Pets
It is important that you teach your dog to lie down, since there will definitely be times when you will need to command them to do so. Although it takes some time, here’s how to teach a dog to lie down.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need

Tell the dog to sit. Before teaching them to lie down, you should teach them to sit, a

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How to Teach the GED
by Julian Ivanov in Careers & Job Searching
Properly teaching GED courses increases the chances of students successfully passing the GED on the first try. The GED, also known as the General Educational Development test, is the equivalent to a high school diploma. Students usually obtain GEDs to secure a job position, join the military, attend a college or university, or just for the sense of accomplishment. For those students that cannot st
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