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Tips for Teacher on Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences
by Retro Rob in Education
Parent-teacher conferences are a time for discussing students' growth academically and socially. Depending on the situation of a particular student, parent-teacher conferences can be positive experiences with insights shared by both sides, or involve difficult or uncomfortable conversations. Whatever the situation, keep the conversation focused on the student to that a successful outcome is assure

Can a Private Preschool Teacher Deduct Teacher Expenses?
by Kubla Khan in Personal Finance
Preschool teachers cannot claim the same deduction offered to kindergarten, elementary and high school teachers. However, unreimbursed education-related expenses are still eligible for the miscellaneous itemized deduction. The disadvantage is that these expenses must exceed a certain percent of your gross adjusted income. Preschool teachers with modest incomes and many expenses may be eligible for

Difference Between Teacher Education & Teacher Training
by niswilsonnissen in Careers & Job Searching
Although people outside the education field may use teacher education and teacher training interchangeably, education theorists distinguish the terms clearly. In the context of teacher preparation, training corresponds to learning real-life classroom skills while education refers to more abstract knowledge about modes of learning and instruction. When referring to the process of preparing future t

Teacher Tips For a Parent-Teacher Conference
by novatv.stdios in Education
Parent-teacher conferences can be a bit intimidating for a teacher, especially a new teacher. A student's parents and teachers share a common goal of helping him learn and develop. Parent-teacher conferences are an opportunity to discuss a student's progress, situations at home or school and any concerns the parents or the teacher might have. If you put some effort into planning your parent--teach

Teacher's Checklist for a Parent & Teacher Conference
by domis in Careers & Job Searching
Parent-teacher conferences can be stressful for the teacher, the parents and even the student. But when approached in the right way, a parent-teacher conference will benefit all parties and lead to improved education. The point of the conference is to let parents know how their child is doing in school, both academically and socially. As a teacher, be prepared so that the meeting goes smoothly and

Teacher Preparation Vs. Teacher Retention
by Edwin41 in Careers & Job Searching
In a University of Pennsylvania study, researchers found that teacher attrition during the first five years was greater for teachers who were less prepared. Although teaching is a job where one learns most on the job, ones who are prepared seem to thrive and survive at a higher rate. More prepared experienced teachers "contribute to a more stable and qualified teaching force and to a reduction in

How to Thank a Teacher During Teacher Appreciation Week
by Deledrius in Holidays & Celebrations
Many people have that special teacher they remember for the rest of their lives. Now, your kids are creating the same memories with their teachers. Teachers work so hard and deserve to be shown some appreciation. Make sure your child stands out to her teacher with a great gift or card. Teacher Appreciation Week is during the month of May.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Give a teacher a gift card f

What Are the Tests That a Kansas Teacher Needs to Take to Become a Teacher?
by Matt Corr in Careers & Job Searching
Teachers don't just give tests in Kansas, they have to take some, too. There are a number of tests that must be passed to become a teacher in the state of Kansas. Detailed information, contacts and forms are available through the Kansas State Department of Education. Teaching LicenseThe first step to becoming a teacher in Kansas is to get a teaching license. To become an elementary school teach

Arizona Teacher Certification vs. Nevada Teacher Certification
by Darin in Business
The Arizona Workforce Informer estimates that an increased demand for teachers in the state will create more than 7,500 new jobs for teachers from 2008 through 2018. In neighboring Nevada, an estimated 7,900 new jobs will be created for teachers during that time frame, according to the Nevada Workforce Informer. A certificate is necessary to work as a teacher in both Arizona and Nevada. The Arizon

How to Become a Teacher at 40
by flakekun in Personal Finance
Beginning a teaching career at 40 can present some challenges, but it is not impossible. If you already have a degree, you may be able to transfer some of your college hours to your new professional choice and decrease the number of classes you must take to receive your teaching credentials. Many schools offer evening and weekend classes if you work during the day, and financial aid is available t
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