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C#, TeamCity - Avoiding the post build events on the TeamCity server
by Geoff The in Programming Languages

I have a number of projects which I have outputting to a central repository of DLLs in my development environment. This is achieved by adding an XCopy command into the Post-build event command line of the project.

XCOPY $(TargetDir)$(TargetFileName) C:DEVlibrary /I /R /Y

I want this to happen in dev mode but when on the TeamCity server I want to avoid the scr

How should I tell TeamCity's NuGet Installer build step to use both NuGet.org and the TeamCity provided packages source?
by the vk in Programming Languages

I'm having trouble with my NuGet Installer build step.

We're using both official NuGet.org packages and our own packages hosted on the TeamCity NuGet server. If I leave Packages Sources blank, then packages from nuget.org are found, but as soon as I specify %teamcity.nuget.feed.server% as the package source, then packages from nuget.org are not found.

I trie

MStests through TeamCity
by deom2i in Development Tools & Services

How do you run MStests through TeamCity and the MSBUILD option? Do you put these settings in the main solution?


Git Push to Teamcity CI
by Caomai in Programming Languages

(using .net, TeamCity, git)

To create a repository with git that our team can push to, it needs to be --bare. This works for source control.

However this --bare repository is the one that will be monitored to trigger CI builds using TeamCity. The question I have is how can I use this repository to trigger builds because there is no code (

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How much will it cost if I use TeamCity + EC2?
by Netopia in Development Tools & Services

Is there anyone have experience with using TeamCity on Amazon EC2?
How much will it cost on monthly basis? I will run the build process once a day (most of the time).

Or I should use other solution rather than EC2? We need to have online access to the build server.


PartCover and TeamCity
by Andrew Mattie in Programming Languages

I am using TeamCity to build via a solution file. I am attempting to get "PartCover" to work it. It is easy enough to point it to the partcover.exe, I am just unsure how to get team city to produce a proper report from the results of our nUnit test. I have added the a coverage.zip file to our setup and it is displaying the correct info under the artefacts tab, however under the code coverage ta

Building WP7 in TeamCity
by Waynew in Mobile Programming

I have been working to try and get my WP7 application building in Teamcity. To do this, I have managed to get the dlls and .target files requires for the application to build successfully.

The problem I am having is when it comes to the Xap Packaging. The Xap Packaging step happens as follows:

[16:18:03]: [XapPackager] XapPackager
[16:18:03]: [XapPackager] Begin

How do I upgrade the database used by teamcity?
by CyberGreg in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to upgrade from teamcity 6.5 to 7.1.4a.

I get into maintenance mode at startup where it helpfully informs me that there is a :

Version mismatch: Configuration version is 544 but Database version is 454.

Data Directory
Directory path: /opt/TeamCity-7.1.4a/.BuildServer exists

Database properties file exists

Internal data

How does one get all the artifacts as a zip using TeamCity Rest API?
by erlang in Development Tools & Services

The Docs show this


for getting all of your artifacts as a zip file, but that isn't using the REST API. Is there a way in the REST API do do the same thing? The Docs seem to indicate that the repository links are only there for backwards compatibility.

How to recombine builds in TeamCity?
by Harry Truman in Web Design

We have a lot of tests. I can break these up so that they run on seperate agents after an initial compile build happens, but is there a way I can recombine these results? Having 8 build configurations that all need to be green makes it hard to see if you've got one ubergreen build.

Is there a way in TeamCity to recombine / join builds once we've split them out? TW-9990 might help -

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