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How to get the best technical feedback possible from a non-technical user when supporting application issues?
by Brian in Programming Languages

A common problem I find when dealing with non-technical users when supporting technical issues is "translating" what I'm hearing to what actually is causing the problem. In our current application we do things like provide error message details that can be forwarded to our support team, however my question is:

1. Is there an approach that any of you have implemented and found succ

What Is the Difference Between Technical Manuals & a Technical Data Package?
by Dannar26 in Electronics
A technical manual is a document that advises the owner or user about how to install or operate a device or carry out a process. A technical data package (TDP) is a much more detailed and descriptive document. It contains precise information regarding all aspects of the device or process. Technical ManualA technical manual is usually provided when you purchase a device or object that requires

Scrum: Technical items in a backlog that is managed by a non technical PO?
by Greenman in Web Design

Should technical items such as "Upgrade sever from v1 to v2" or "Increase startup performance" or "Refactor login module to reduce code complexity" go in to the product backlog and if so how should a non technical product owner be able to prioritize them v.s other more functional backlog items?

Should there be a separate backlog for technical stuff? Should we have a joint PO role wi

About Technical Writers
by Lepton87 in Arts & Entertainment
Engineering and science disciplines have utilized technical writers for decades. New industries such as nanotechnology and advanced climate science use technical writers to familiarize wide audiences with emerging concepts and technologies. With the emergence of cutting-edge technologies, technical writers are increasingly in demand. They are key in the understanding and communicating of dense mat

How to Become a Technical Recruiter
by Douglas Stockwell in Careers & Job Searching
Recruiters are generalists or specialists, meaning that some recruit a wide range of workers, while others are knowledgeable about a specific area and are therefore more qualified to recruit workers with specific sets of technical skills. Technical recruiters have better than average knowledge of a specific field of technology, and can therefore recognize and hire workers within that field.Difficu

Technical Specifications for the HTC EVO 4G
by mkmitch in Electronics
The HTC EVO 4G is a smartphone manufactured by the HTC Corp. and sold commercially by Sprint. The EVO 4G was released in June 2010. The device runs on Google's Android 2.1 operating system. Sprint's WiMAX cellular network provides the phone with its mobile connectivity. The EVO 4G comes with a one-year limited warranty. Dimensions, Battery, FeaturesThe EVO 4G measures 2.6 inches wide, 4.8 inche

How to Become a Technical Engineer
by ShortOne in Personal Finance
If you dream of building bridges, developing a new electronic application or maintaining aircraft for the safety of pilots and astronauts, the field of technical engineering is ideal. Before enrolling in a program, zero in on an area of technical engineering that interests you to find the right fit. Once you complete your studies, you will be ready to embark on an exciting career in technical engi

About Technical Marketing
by Marc Dong in Business
Technical marketing bridges personal selling and promotional tools with data analysis and product development. Technical marketers use their scientific and technological knowledge to help solve business problems and market products and services. Common job titles that fall under the technical marketing umbrella include product marketing manager, sales engineer and market analyst. Likewise, techni

Gap Technical Analysis
by jwyse in Personal Finance
"Trading the gap" is a common technique among day traders. This group of investors seeks to profit from intraday fluctuations in the financial markets, and "gaps" are among the most obvious catalysts for strong intraday movement. Analyzing and trading a gap is of little benefit to long-term investors, as it only affects a single day's potential price action. GapsOften, the price of a particular

What Is a Technical Sales Rep?
by Remyx in Careers & Job Searching
Technical sales representatives sell and promote products or services related to technology and manufacturing. Many of this type of sales representative, or sales rep for short, aim to sell highly complex products to large corporations. BasicsA technical sales rep must believe in and have a thorough understanding of the product he sells. He must show the potential client the benefit of buying t


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