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Can I Have More Than One Television in a House Connected to Cox Digital Television?
by doubledeluxe in Home & Garden
Fortunately for families or those looking to frequently entertain guests, it is simple enough to have more than one television in your house connected to and able to receive Cox Digital Cable. You will need to fulfill hardware and connection requirements for each television you are looking to connect to Cox Digital television, and the arrangement must be made with Cox prior to hookup. However, out

How to Air a Television Show on Public Access Television
by Juncar in Arts & Entertainment
Big corporations may own the major network television stations, but there is still an outlet to have your own television show aired: public access! Follow this guide to getting your own public access television show.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Find a local public access station near you.
Contact the station to find out about their individual requests. For example, they will

Commercial Television Vs. Public Television
by AnToni00 in Arts & Entertainment
While both provide a range of entertainment and educational programming, public television and commercial television have a distinct difference--the profit margin. Commercial TelevisionCommercial television is profit based and generates its earnings by airing commercials for various products. Advertisers, ranging from auto makers to food and beverage companies, pay thousands of dollars--sometim

American Public Television Vs. American Commercial Television
by boomerang in Arts & Entertainment
American television falls into two categories: public and commercial. There are significant differences between the two: the methods by which they generate revenue, ownership, programming styles, ratings, network programming, local programming, and philosophy. Public TelevisionThe Corporation for Public Broadcasting operates a nonprofit broadcast network that broadcasts noncommercial programmin

What Is a CRT Television?
by diablo805 in Electronics
The cathode ray tube television saw commercial success for more than 70 years, after becoming available in the 1930s. In the 1960s, color television further popularized the CRT set and it enjoyed success well into the 2000s. FunctionCRT televisions use an cathode ray tube and electron beam to illuminates phosphors on the inside surface of the TV. The colors red, blue and green create the overal
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How to Set Up a New HD Television
by tommy in Electronics
If you have purchased a new HDTV and want to get the most out of your new television, you will likely have to make sure that it is set up correctly. There are several steps you need to take into account when setting up your HDTV, such as making sure everything is properly connected and you have a television service provider--cable or satellite--that offers high-definition broadcasts.Difficulty:Mod
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Television Before the 70s
by Techhog in Arts & Entertainment
In the United States, television prior to the 1970s can be described in three broad categories: the Visionary Period, the Golden Age and the Transitional Period. These periods cover the evolution of the technology from sporadic experimental broadcasts to regularly scheduled public programming, and the evolution of programming from simple entertainment to a tool of social reflection. By the 1970s,

Where Can I Buy a Television?
by Keeper in Electronics
Televisions are important parts of the society we live in and can be found in nearly every home across the country. From the traditional tube televisions to flat-screen and high-definition televisions, there is a TV priced to fit almost anyone's budget. Electronics StoresElectronics stores like Best Buy sell a large selection of television sets and accessories. Not only can you shop in-store, b
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How to Fix an RCA Television
by Peter H in Electronics
Some of the most common problems with your RCA television include poor picture quality and finding yourself unable to use the front panel buttons on your television set. However, these RCA television repairs are easy to make. You can fix an RCA television's most common problems on your own, without having to open up the RCA TV panel.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
RCA tele
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What Is a DLP Television?
by CyberGreg in Electronics
Texas Instruments originally developed DLP technology for use in projectors, and now it has become one of the most popular technologies used for rear projection televisions. These TVs are one of the biggest competitors on the market for high-definition flat screen and large screen TV sets. DLP TechnologyThe digital light projection (DLP) technology centers on a microchip containing thousands of
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