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Compile error when using template aliases, inheriting template and using a “template parent's” types
by RockinZ28 in Programming Languages

I have a data container which has following requirements:

Be fast: Hence templates and not normal inheritance
Use different implementations
Be able to extend those implementations with more methods
Data is specified via template argument and needs to be able to save pointers to data container items

The solution I have come up with is as follows:

Magento- What is the difference between put a template with template=“template.phtml” and with the action setTemplate
by besn in Web Design

I meet with the next question later days ago. Why don´t work action method setTemplate in a block inherit of Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_Abstract if this block is a child of Mage_Core_Block_Template. This are my test cases

First case:

<reference name="before_footer_start">
<block type="newproducts/newproducts" template="template.phtml" />

How do I create a template tag for including template files without parsing the template tags in Django?
by swinaz in Web Design

Im using Mustache.js to fill dynamically the html content, i know that I can use the {% templatetag %} tag, but I want to use these files as Django templates and as Mustach.js templates, and also I found te template tag too large for programming.

I want to create a new tag like {% include_template "templates/none/absolute/url.hmtl" %} or is it possible to e

how to use a sublass of a template class to deduce the template parameters of a template function in C++?
by ertuzio in C & C++ & C#

This could be very silly...

If I have such a template class A,

template <class T1, class T2>
struct A
T1 a;
T2 b;

and a function works on it,

template <class T1, class T2>
void foo(A<T1, T2> *p)

now I subclass A,

struct B :

Django template: Why block in included template can't be overwritten by child template?
by dreshyne2g in Programming Languages

To illustrate my question more clearly, let's suppose I have a include.html template with content:

{% block test_block %}This is include{% endblock %}

I have another template called parent.html with content like this:

This is parent
{% include "include.html" %}

Now I create a templated called child.html that extends pa

C++ template-function -> passing a template-class as template-argument
by Ertaz in Programming Languages

i try to make intensive use of templates to wrap a factory class:

The wrapping class (i.e. classA) gets the wrapped class (i.e. classB) via an template-argument to provide 'pluggability'.

Additionally i have to provide an inner-class (innerA) that inherits from the wrapped inner-class (innerB).

The problem is the following error-message of the g++ "gcc versio

Possible forms of template template argument in the template instantiation
by Brian in Programming Languages

One of the possible forms of template parameter is a class template. The C++ standard (C++2003) states that an argument for a template template parameter during the template instantiation is an "id-expression". This non-terminal is rather wide. It allows destructors, overloaded operators, etc. For example the following code should compile fine:

template <template <typename

Problem with template specialization and template template parameters
by Dennizzz in Programming Languages

I have a class Helper:

template <typename T, template <typename> E>
class Helper {

I have another class template, Exposure, which is to inherit from Helper while passing itself as the template template parameter E. I also need to specialize Exposure. Thus

Can I set up template inheritance inside a template? (Template Toolkit)
by Xpto in Programming Languages

I have to display different medical forms according to which state the user is in. There is also a default form that many of the states share. These medical forms are all written in Template Toolkit and they are included in larger templates. The state is available as a variable in a normalized form.

I need to select the state-specific template, if it exists, otherwise fall back t

Passing template class as parameter to class method and using template class as vector template type
by wraith in Programming Languages

It has been a while since I have used templates with C++, but now I really need them.

I reproduced a problem I am having and I don't remember how the solution actually went.

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
namespace problem {
template <typename T>
class data {
inline data(T var)


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