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play auto-test selenium test failed, no test-result TEST-{testname}.xml file generated
by DMasterX in Development Tools & Services

We have a Play (1.2.4) application which is auto-tested via our Teamcity server. The regular (JUnit) tests return a Test-{classname}.xml datafile in the /test-result/ directory when using

play.bat auto-test

but the selenium tests do not. They only generate a /test-result/{testname}.test.html.failed.html or ...succes.html

This is annoying because i can not eas

fitnesse test framework, arbitrary properties for test and queries/test runs based on them?
by Matias in Programming Languages

our testers have the requirement to store multiple properties for a test that are not present in the "properties".

e.g. they want to store priority, a description(not in the wiki page itself) and so on. they don't want to use the tagging mechanism.

is there a way to store any kind of new xml node in the properties.xml for a test? these properties should then be used to:

Does anyone know how to select parts of test methods in a test case run in a test suite?
by venom361 in Coding

For example, a test case named ExampleTest

ExampleTest {

I could run all this class with TestSuite.addTestSuite(ExampleTest.class);

but, how to select testA and testB run into TestSuite?

How automaticaly add steps to test case in MS Test Manager from associated Coded UI Test
by iamwiz82 in Programming Languages

I started work with Coded UI and Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).
Consider, I created test-case in MTM with some steps.
I can running it manually and record my actions for each step. Then I can associate CodedUI test with test-case in MTM. VisualStudio automaticaly generates recorded steps to c# methods with the same names.


How to select some of test cases to compose the BAT test(build acceptance test)?
by n3. in Programming Languages

In junit test, should I create another test suite named as ExampleBAT to do this, and this test suite contains the selected test cases?

In google test can a test be marked as skipped instead of failed, during test execution
by enginecrew in Development Tools & Services

In google test is there a way of marking a test as SKIPPED if an assertion fails?

e.g. ASSERT_TRUE(1 != 1)

So if the above statement fails, can I add something to gtest to mark the test as skipped instead of failed?

Pylons - url.current() incorrect, for '/test' shows '/test/test'?
by Simon Dick in Programming Languages

I've got a pylons setup, using flup with nginx, and url.current() always returns totally wrong.

I have a route:

map.connect('testpage', '/test', controller='Main', action='test')

And in that controller, I do url.current() and I get /test/test' instead of '/test'. I've tried changingSCRIPT_NAME` as various posts about usi

Getting the test run ID after launching a test via MS Test Manager command-line
by Andrew L. in Programming Languages

I have a PowerShell script to kick off an automated test run using command-line interface (tcm.exe) for Microsoft Test Manager.

I also then have a cleanup Powershell script associated with the test run (in the .testsettings file), which exports the test result (tcm.exe run /export), but my problem is that I need the test run ID. It is output from the 'tcm.exe run /create' command,

Hudson Android multi-configuration test project can't find test results - “No test report files were found. Configuration error?”
by Dennis in Android

I have android test project that i've integrated into the Hudson. I have created a free-style software project with next settings :
1. Source Code Management - custom workspace
2. Run an Android emulator during build :
* Android OS Version: 4.0.3
* Screen density: 240
* Screen resolution: WVGA
* Device locale: en_US
* SD card size: 16M
3. Invoke Ant:

Problem with `rake test`… rake reports “Could not find task ./test/whatever-my-first-test-file-is.rb”
by dreampunchboy in Programming Languages

I've put this information into a pastie, but repeated it here (pastie link http://pastie.org/private/4vprzwhllqv35egrf8jzwg )

The problem showed up in my own project, but I have no idea what i'm doing wrong: here's the full output:

$ rake test
(in /Users/me/Projects/version-three)
/Users/me/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-rc2/bin/ruby -I"lib:test" "/Users/me/.rvm/ge

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