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play auto-test selenium test failed, no test-result TEST-{testname}.xml file generated
by DMasterX in Development Tools & Services

We have a Play (1.2.4) application which is auto-tested via our Teamcity server. The regular (JUnit) tests return a Test-{classname}.xml datafile in the /test-result/ directory when using

play.bat auto-test

but the selenium tests do not. They only generate a /test-result/{testname}.test.html.failed.html or ...succes.html

This is annoying because i can not eas

fitnesse test framework, arbitrary properties for test and queries/test runs based on them?
by Matias in Programming Languages

our testers have the requirement to store multiple properties for a test that are not present in the "properties".

e.g. they want to store priority, a description(not in the wiki page itself) and so on. they don't want to use the tagging mechanism.

is there a way to store any kind of new xml node in the properties.xml for a test? these properties should then be used to:

In google test can a test be marked as skipped instead of failed, during test execution
by enginecrew in Development Tools & Services

In google test is there a way of marking a test as SKIPPED if an assertion fails?

e.g. ASSERT_TRUE(1 != 1)

So if the above statement fails, can I add something to gtest to mark the test as skipped instead of failed?

How to select some of test cases to compose the BAT test(build acceptance test)?
by n3. in Programming Languages

In junit test, should I create another test suite named as ExampleBAT to do this, and this test suite contains the selected test cases?

Does anyone know how to select parts of test methods in a test case run in a test suite?
by venom361 in Coding

For example, a test case named ExampleTest

ExampleTest {

I could run all this class with TestSuite.addTestSuite(ExampleTest.class);

but, how to select testA and testB run into TestSuite?

How automaticaly add steps to test case in MS Test Manager from associated Coded UI Test
by iamwiz82 in Programming Languages

I started work with Coded UI and Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).
Consider, I created test-case in MTM with some steps.
I can running it manually and record my actions for each step. Then I can associate CodedUI test with test-case in MTM. VisualStudio automaticaly generates recorded steps to c# methods with the same names.


Pylons - url.current() incorrect, for '/test' shows '/test/test'?
by Simon Dick in Programming Languages

I've got a pylons setup, using flup with nginx, and url.current() always returns totally wrong.

I have a route:

map.connect('testpage', '/test', controller='Main', action='test')

And in that controller, I do url.current() and I get /test/test' instead of '/test'. I've tried changingSCRIPT_NAME` as various posts about usi

Getting the test run ID after launching a test via MS Test Manager command-line
by Andrew L. in Programming Languages

I have a PowerShell script to kick off an automated test run using command-line interface (tcm.exe) for Microsoft Test Manager.

I also then have a cleanup Powershell script associated with the test run (in the .testsettings file), which exports the test result (tcm.exe run /export), but my problem is that I need the test run ID. It is output from the 'tcm.exe run /create' command,

Hudson Android multi-configuration test project can't find test results - “No test report files were found. Configuration error?”
by Dennis in Android

I have android test project that i've integrated into the Hudson. I have created a free-style software project with next settings :
1. Source Code Management - custom workspace
2. Run an Android emulator during build :
* Android OS Version: 4.0.3
* Screen density: 240
* Screen resolution: WVGA
* Device locale: en_US
* SD card size: 16M
3. Invoke Ant:

Problem with `rake test`… rake reports “Could not find task ./test/whatever-my-first-test-file-is.rb”
by dreampunchboy in Programming Languages

I've put this information into a pastie, but repeated it here (pastie link http://pastie.org/private/4vprzwhllqv35egrf8jzwg )

The problem showed up in my own project, but I have no idea what i'm doing wrong: here's the full output:

$ rake test
(in /Users/me/Projects/version-three)
/Users/me/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-rc2/bin/ruby -I"lib:test" "/Users/me/.rvm/ge


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