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Edit a TextBox cell in DataGridView as if it were a normal TextBox (no jumping on pressing arrows)
by Erik Ordway in Programming Languages

I have "multiline" (wordwrapping) textbox columns in a DataGridView. It would be great to be able to edit them as normal TextBoxes, that is, when I press down arrow, I want the caret to go down one line within the textbox, I don't want it to jump to the next row, as it normally does. Likewise, I want that pressing enter creates a new line within the textbox cell, but it instead finishes editing

<asp:TextBox> Vs <input type=“text”> Vs Html.TextBox
by cheese_doodle in Programming Languages

I am working in asp.net application, adding functionalities like form elements, validation and populating data from DB.

I can use ASP: controls but I am wondering is it possible to use HTML.TextBox or <input type="text">

If I can use <input type="text" or Html.TextBox what are the pros and cons of using them

I already have 3 checkboxes and 1 textbox in asp.net webform when i check 1and 2 checkbox then result in textbox will be 1,2
by IeraseU in ASP & ASP.net

I already have 3 checkboxes and 1 textbox in asp.net webform when i check 1and 2 checkbox then result in textbox will be 1,2

I have the following code :

<script type="text/javascript">
function Test(control, value) {
var str = ';
if (control.checked) {
str = value + '
' + $('#<%=txtTest.ClientID %>').v

Need to insert a 'dot' in textbox where the textbox is validated by using javascript to enter only numerical values
by Brian Drum in Javascript

Here is the code which woks perfectly and validate to enter only digits in a TEXT BOX. Now i have a problem there. My problem is i need to enter decimal values there. So i need to enter 'DOT' in the TEXT BOX. This validation has been done by using ASCII values. I even use the ASCII value of 'DOT -> 249, 250'. But it doesn't work. Any help will be appreciated.

function enterNumeri

C# & WPF : How to update an in-code declared textbox height on textbox content change?
by Longchao Dong in Programming Languages

I'm fairly new to C#, I'm on a C# & Wpf course.
Here my teacher has told us to inherit from UserControls and create a wpf control library of our own. In order for us to create a simple UML Editor, and right now I'm working on a Class Control.

The visual representation of a class as seen here: http://www.softwarefactories.com/ScreenShots/CD-1.JPG

Now, to make thi

ASP.Net textbox css class changing to “textbox” on page load
by vyazkov in Web Design

I am having a strange issue when moving my ASP.Net code from my development VM to the server.

When the page loads on the VM I have some javascript in the Master that attaches a date time picker to textboxes

function loadAnyTimeDT() {
$('.AnyTimeDT').each(function () {

Binding “Text-Property” of a derived textbox to another textbox doesn´t work
by john in Operating Systems

i have a class 'MyTextBox' that derives from the default TextBox in Silverlight. This class currently contains no additional code.

I set up a binding in xaml to bind the Text-Property of MyTextbox to another Textbox to reflect the input made in the Textbox. The effect is that MyTextBox doesn´t update and not display the text of the other Textbox.

Additional i made an e

how to refer a textbox inside body of html page in a javascript if textbox is not part of any form?
by timswim78 in Javascript

i have coded a header file which contains a input textbox for search.this header is include in body tag of a jsp page as shown below.

<include src="header.ssi">

onclick of button i header file i am running a javascript function.
i need to refer to this textbox in javascript function.

C# WinForms - Smart TextBox Control to auto-Format Path length based on Textbox width
by Guilherme Costa in Programming Languages

Does a smart textbox control (WinForms) exists that can display a path depending on the textbox width. For example, if the path is short it will display the entire path (C:myfile.txt), but if the path is long it will display the start and end (C:SomeFolder...fooMyFile.txt). The length of the characters displayed should be calculated (dynamically) by the textbox using its width. Any commercial

Creating a WPF Textbox Control like Outlook email recipient textbox
by Dan Becker in Programming Languages

I'm looking to create a WPF textbox control that acts similar to the email recipient textboxes in Outlook (the To, Cc and Bcc inputs). I don't necessarily care that much about auto-completion (i've found millions of examples for that), but what I'm really struggling with is how to have delimited text entries in the textbox behave as entities the way they do in Outlook (once a recipient you've e

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