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Moving a non-core theme from /themes to /sites/default/themes safely in Drupal 6.14
by Germany in Web Design

Recently I am told by my friend that putting a non-core theme in /themes (the one that contains core themes) is a bad idea and I should instead put it in /sites/default/theme.

Is this safe to simply move the theme folder from /themes to /sites/default/themes?
In doing so, will the original settings for the theme be lost?

I am using this theme http://drupal.org/proje

android themes - defining colours in custom themes
by bkircher in Programming Languages

I am sure there is a simple answer to that yet I just cant find it so I throw it into stackoverflow ... ;-)

I will just put it into an example. I have an android app where the user can choose the theme in the preferences - dark or light theme. Depending on the chosen theme I have to adjust 20 colors in my app. So I have the hope that I can define colours in the theme and then use th

In Drupal, What Is the Difference Between Themes & Site Themes?
by Summerfun in Computers
Drupal is one of the world's foremost Web content management systems. Its code is open-source, which has allowed programmers and the Drupal community at large to alter and build upon the code. Over the years, this has led to a robust and versatile application used for building websites of all kinds, from small, static ones to larger, dynamic websites. Themes vs. Site ThemesOne of the essential

Themes for VBS
by Skipholiday in Culture & Society
Vacation Bible School (VBS) is no longer simply a chance for children to spend a week studying Bible verses, making crafts and singing a few songs about Jesus. These days, Vacation Bible School can be an elaborate endeavor for a church to undertake. The online Ministry Tools Resource Center (MinTools.com) cautions churches considering VBS programs to consider available funds, the prospective parti
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Themes For IE8
by sarah in Internet
Customization has become a large part of the Web design business. Large companies and independent developers are including the user in the design process. By allowing every user to customize the look and feel of a Web application, developers are able to reach a larger audience. Microsoft has incorporated this type of customization in its Internet Explorer 8 platform. Internet Explorer 8Internet
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Themes for E65
by Igor Carron in Electronics
Nokia E65 themes change the look and feel of your phone's display. Themes that consist of content such as movie and game characters change the look of components such as menus, buttons, icons, text, background wallpaper and can also include sounds. Download, install and activate themes to give your Nokia E65 a personal look. AboutThemes change the look of the user interface on your Nokia E65 ph
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How to Get Mac Themes
by Netopia in Computers
Apple's Mac OS is a simple and elegant graphical user interface giving users an ease of use. The uniformity of the operating system from computer to computer makes it easy for users to navigate any Mac without confusion. Creating this consistency also means a lack of customizability, however. For users who want to customize their operating system and give it a unique look, applying a custom theme
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How to Add Themes in V3i
by Ionith in Electronics
The Motorola V3i is a flip top mobile phone that was released in 2007. If you want to customize the look and feel of your V3i, you can download customized themes and add them to your phone. There are a number sites out there you can find that offer skins for your Motorola V3i. However, the procedure used to add the themes to your Motorola V3i is different compared to other Motorola phone models li
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How to Put Themes on Your PSP
by hovergirl in Hobbies, Games & Toys
More than many other video game systems, the Sony PlayStation Portable offers you numerous ways to customize your system. You can put sticker decals on the system, install custom music and download independent game titles. Yet perhaps one of the most striking ways you can customize the system is to put a custom theme on your PSP.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
USB mini cable
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GWT 2.0 Themes?
by hyperNURb in Programming Languages

The default GWT themes are hideous. Does anyone know where a developer can find prepackaged themes that one can just 'drop' into an app and make the app look beautiful? Even worse, GWT 2.0's new Layout widgets do not have any visual styling or themes.



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