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How to access vars in theory arithmetic in the user theory plug-ins?
by LittleCodeShop in Web Design

In the user theory plug-in, suppose I have a customer sort "T" and I defined a function "f" with "Z3_func_decl" on T, which takes an argument of sort T and returns sort Int(sort made by "Z3_mk_int_sort"). I also have other constraints on the returned Int value.

In the search, I want to capture the concrete value of the Int return value in some callbacks (e.

Difference Between Regular Music Theory & Jazz Theory
by boobytrapped in Arts & Entertainment
Regular music theory and jazz music theory are essentially the same thing with different terminology. This can be confusing, but even within traditional theory, different terms exist depending on what side of the world you live. The process of learning the difference involves learning the terminology for both styles. Breaking it down to the simplest elements, jazz music is just shorthand for class

Is Florida a Lien Theory or Title Theory State?
by Remyx in Business
There are two basic types of states when it comes to purchasing a home through a lender: a lien theory state and a title theory state. The state of Florida is a lien theory state. It's valuable for a homeowner to know which type of state he lives in because it determines who will hold the title to the property during the length of the mortgage -- the buyer or the lender. Lien Theory StateA lien

Hybrid Theory Vs. Chase Theory
by Caleb Ames in Arts & Entertainment
There are several different theories that can be applied to molecular science. Two such theories that related specifically to DNA are hybrid theory and Chase theory. One is related to the structure of DNA and the other to heredity. Hybrid TheoryHybrid theory states that if two single-stranded DNA molecules have enough nucleotide sequences in common, they will combine to form a double-stranded

Quantum Theory Vs. Theory of Relativity
by clamum in Education
Quantum and relativistic mechanics are two modern physics theories. Quantum theory deals with subatomic events; relativity tackles astronomical objects. Relativity defines space as "flexible," while quantum mechanics has competing sub-theories of what space is like. Quantum uncertainty allows inherent chance, but keep in mind that both theories make strange predictions about the universe. Size

Stockholder Theory Vs. Stakeholder Theory
by Stone in Business
There is a general debate in the social sciences and other fields over what the basic duties of a private business should be. This is a fundamental question that if answered should determine much of the behavior of firms. Stockholder theories of the firm argue that businesses owe a primary duty to their stockholders, to maximize the value of their shares. Stakeholder theories argue that businesses

Feminist Theory Vs. Psychoanalytic Theory
by OGG in Arts & Entertainment
Feminist and psychoanalytic theories belong to a genre of writing that explores cultural and textual identities within the context of fields such as literature, art, history and politics. Defining feminist and psychoanalytic theory requires a look at the roots of the theories. In addition, defining the theories includes a look at theory development and intermingling. Roots of Psychoanalytic The

Vernacular Theory vs. Scientific Theory
by jrok96 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Many topics provide a rich discussion for both the scientific community as well as the general public. At first glance, it might appear scientific theorists would always have the last word on just about any valid theory. However, scientific theory is not static, so any parallel vernacular discussion could possibly develop into meaningful dialogue concerning scientific endeavors. VernacularThe t

About the Just War Theory
by shortylickens in Culture & Society
The just war theory is a set of military principles based on philosophy, theology and even political policy. Adapted over the years by different Catholic philosophers and theologians, the just war theory has been fully embraced by the Catholic Church as acceptable means for military force. Most importantly, the just war theory serves as a guide to those having difficulty understanding war and mora
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AC & DC Theory
by Tim Benninghoff in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Electric currents are formed from charges that move from one location to another. Alternating or AC currents have sinusoidal patterns, while direct or DC currents do not vary in their direction. The behavior of AC currents compared to DC currents affects the circuits and devices they can power, as well as how components operate and may be mathematically modeled. Electric CurrentBenjamin Frankli
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