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Git Thinks I Have Unpushed Changes
by Marc Dong in Development Tools & Services

I have noticed several times in the last few months, that sometime after pushing changes to my remote repo (GitHub, though I don't think it matters) my local git will believe the changes it has have not been pushed. In all cases, these are changes that do in face exist on the remote. Most-recently was this morning. I did git pull origin master on my machine at work to fetch three c

Python thinks I'm a different IP
by liganic in Programming Languages

I'm trying to set a page that displays the visitor's IP. All the methods I have tried show an IP different from the IP my computer has. I've tried:

Looking up http://www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp

Using socket.getaddrinfo(socket.gethostname(), None)[0][4][0]

How can I find the real IP of the visitor?

C++ thinks '<<' is not a member of class, but it is
by luci5r in Programming Languages

I have to write a simple log class, that would write the output to a file.

I want it to work with overloading the << operator, so I can do this:

MyLog log("C:log.txt");

But Visual C++ tells me: "error C2039: '<<' : is not a member of 'MyLog' "

I don't know what I am doing wrong.

Here i

How can I see what keys vim thinks I'm hitting?
by VulgarDisplay in Programming Languages

Is there any way to get a xev-like mode where I can hit keys and key combos and vim will print out what keys or characters it thinks I'm pressing?

Specific related problem: I have key bindings which work in MacVim and GVim but they don't work in a terminal-vim, which I use on Linux over SSH inside a screen. I've come to the conclusion that the reason is because vim thinks the keys I

Elicpse CDT thinks it's broken
by Thomas Plunkett in Development Tools & Services

I'm using Eclipse for some embedded development and recently is started to give me these errors every time I save a file or do a build. It's annoying but for the most part it doesn't seem to be causing any problems (It even still highlights warnings/errors int the source. What's going on here?

Plug-in org.eclipse.cdt.cross.arm.gnu was unable to load class

My iPhone Thinks It Has Headphones in It, but There Are None
by foghorn67 in Electronics
When the iPhone detects that headphones are inserted, it enters "headphone mode." This mode diverts audio from the speakers to the headphones, which is fine when headphones are actually in the jack but problematic when they aren't. Debris is a leading cause of "phantom" headphone mode, but other issues, such as software glitches and liquid damage, can also be contributing facto

How to Win Him Back When He Thinks You Are Too Possessive
by Peter H in Relationships & Family
Breakups can be hard for all involved, but this is especially true when your possessiveness caused the breakup. You may be going over all the mistakes you made in your head and wondering what you could have done differently. Your relationship does still stand a chance though. If you can show him that you recognize your mistake and want to get back together, you may be able to win him back when he

Signs a Guy Only Thinks of You As a Friend
by frozentundra123456 in Relationships & Family
When you really like a guy, it can drive you insane trying to decipher his true intentions. You might find yourself wondering over and over how he feels about you and whether he simply considers you a friend or wants to pursue something deeper. Learn how to identify the signals of just being in a guy's "friend zone," which means that he only has platonic feelings toward you. AdviceIf the guy yo

How to Deal With a Guy Who Thinks You Likes Him
by slippysoup in Relationships & Family
Someone opened their big mouth and told a guy you liked him. And you do, but only as a friend, not a boyfriend. Now things are a bit awkward for you because you can see him looking at you differently, and he's showing signs of being interested in you as a girlfriend. It's time for you to make some decisions and act quickly or you might ruin a relationship.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Decide what

What Do You Do If Your Friend Thinks You Have Overstepped Your Boundaries?
by wolf1306 in Relationships & Family
While you probably meant well, in your friend's eyes, you have overstepped your boundaries. This is no doubt uncomfortable for both of you. He feels like you've gone too far, and your hands are tied in terms of actively dealing with the resolution. This is due to the nature of your "crime." To him, you've already done too much, so any frantic fence mending on your part only exacerbates matters. Th

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