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How to Get Rid of Bad Thoughts
by andystacy in Health
We all have bad or negative thoughts at some time or another in our lives, but if bad thoughts are recurring and affecting you severely then you need to take action to control your focus. Constant worry, doubt or negativity can be caused from mental illness such as depression . It can also derive from side effects of a medication, diet or from being highly stressed. If your way of thinking is affe
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How to Organize Your Thoughts
by Ansari in Home & Garden
Lightbulb! A brilliant idea suddenly strikes. But how do you maximize
that creative thought before it disappears? Try mind mapping, a technique
of organizing ideas visually created by Tony Buzan in The Mind
Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's
Untapped Potential. Mind mapping helps you sift through complex
thoughts and work out practical solutions

How to Add Thoughts Into Your Essay
by the vk in Education
In an academic essay, you methodically compile thoughts, leading readers to a concluding opinion that you have proven correct. In a personal essay, your thoughts are a given, but you need to help the reader make sense of them. In both cases, your own thoughts drive the essay. If not, you may be in danger of committing plagiarism. Your writing instructor will expect you to use reference works as re

What Are Suicidal Thoughts?
by Kagee in Health
Thoughts in which people want to kill themselves, are planning to kill themselves or wish that they hadn't been born or that they could die are known as suicidal thoughts. TypesSuicidal thoughts can occur in various types. For example, some thoughts can be generalizations about wanting to commit suicide, while other thoughts can have a more specific plan attached to their desire to commit suici

Thoughts About Dating
by Maine in Relationships & Family
Dating doesn't have to be frustrating and difficult; daters can keep these frustrations to a minimum with a positive mind-set and a few simple tips. With an increasing population and more connectivity than ever through many different sources, such as the Internet, singles should be able to find success on the dating scene. PatienceAlthough dating can be trying at times, much importance lies in

How to Get Rid of Reoccurring Thoughts
by ioudas in Health
Struggling with obsessive recurring thoughts is something most of us go through at some point in time. These thoughts are usually negative, such as humiliation or anger, but can be positive too. Whether positive or negative, obsessive thoughts can distract from daily tasks and make it difficult to focus on anything else. Thankfully, obsessive thinkers can try a few techniques to put a stop it.Diff

How to Focus Your Thoughts
by tayles in Health
Everyday life can be so stressful and overwhelming that simply concentrating on one activity at a time is difficult. Adding to this challenge are the substantial, constant worries that adults often face, ones we cannot seem to stop thinking about long enough to function. Focusing your thoughts is a valuable skill, one that takes time to learn but is worthwhile. Once you master it, you may find tha

How to Get Rid of Scary Thoughts
by destrekor in Health
Scary thoughts that interrupt your day, distract you from the task at hand and interfere with daily living, are often a sign of anxiety or depression. When your brain is churning with thoughts of the worst, it's impossible to achieve peace of mind. While recovering from negative thoughts and fearful ideas often takes time and effort, it can be done. There are several methods you can work with, unt
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css id vs class, some thoughts
by Baskaran in Web Design

I thought that I understand id's vs classes in css documents. As far as I know there should be only one instance of id element in html document and many class elements. Now I'm looking on Microsoft driven Site.css template which is generated on every new mvc3 project and I see that there is .page element not #page ? Am I missing something here ?

Any thoughts on Surround scm?
by Chennai in Development Tools & Services

So looking at different version control systems: subversion, accurev, surround, tfs, bitkeeper/git/mercurial

Subversion: I see it's quite the popular standard
Accurev: There seems to be a love hate relationship around it.
Surround and TFS: I haven't seen many comments around them.
Bitkeeper/Git/Mercurial: Seem pretty popular, but I think "distributed" may scare my manage

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