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floated thumbnail gallery, with extra thumbnail content on hover. How to allow hovered thumbnail to overlap neighbors?
by danielsdesk in Web Design

I have a gallery of thumbnail images. Below each image, I display the thumbnail title:

<div class='gallery'>
<div class='thumb'>
<div class='thumbimage'></div>
<div class='thumbtitle'></div>
<div class='thumb'>
<div class='thumbimage'></div>
<div class='

Codeigniter Multiple file upload and thumbnail creation: only one thumbnail being uploaded
by bkircher in Web Design

I am able to upload my images ok, I am able to create thumbnails ok, but only the first thumbnail is being uploaded. I checked the error code for the resize function and they all say 'true' (Success). However, if I upload 4 files, only the first is being uploaded to the thumbnail folder. Here is my code:

function _upload_them_images($_FILES, $last_insert_id)

Django - sorl-thumbnail - accessing thumbnail image from view functions
by kanda in Programming Languages

I am currently using sorl-thumbnail and have a model.

class Entry(models.Model):
image = ImageWithThumbnailsField(upload_to='uploads/', null=False, blank=True,

This model creates 'filename_

How to set the thumbnail image got from MpMoviePlayerController as a thumbnail when loading the video url string into webview?
by mvt in Programming Languages

I got the thumbnail Image by passing the video url to the MPMoviePlayerController and I am playing the video by loading the Url string into the webview How can I set the Thumbnailimage as a thumnailwhen playing the video in webview at present I am getting white screen with play button.

My code is:

MPMoviePlayerController *moviePlayer = [[MPMoviePlayerController all

Fancy box -How to display scrollbar of thumbnail image when using thumbnail helpers?
by Europe in Programming Languages

How to display scrollbar of thumbnail image when using thumbnail helpers?

Does jpeg's embedded thumbnail equal to EXIF thumbnail?
by DexNFx in Programming Languages

Does jpeg's embedded thumbnail equal to EXIF thumbnail?
How can I retrieve jpeg's embedded thumbnail?

If there is no thumbnail display “no thumbnail”
by Star Gryphon in Programming Languages

Below is a Wordpress function that pulls in a thumbnail image for a menu. How do I add an if/else to display "No thumbail" if there is no thumbail?

I have tried:

$item_output .= apply_filters( 'menu_item_thumbnail' , ( !isset( $args->thumbnail ) && $args->thumbnail ) ) ? 'no thumbnail' : ';

But this had no effect. Sorry if this is a

Getting Thumbnail path and Thumbnail url (like..MEDIA_ROOT and MEDIA_URL)
by Gianluca Riccardi in Programming Languages

I have a model like that in models.py :

image = models.ImageField(
def save(self):
thumbnail = Thumbnailer(self.image).get_thumbnail(dict(size=(150, 200), crop=True,))
background = Images.open(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), settings.MEDIA_ROOT, "uploads/", thumbnail.path))<&

how to use a part of a picture as thumbnail without resizing it to a thumbnail
by Adam May in Web Design

I'm looking for a way to use a part of a picture to use as a thumbnail without actually resize the image.

It's like you capture a part of the picture and show it as thumbnail

Click on thumbnail > view next thumbnail (loop)
by LinAdmin in Web Design

I am new to both jquery and javascript and try to learn. I have a site that displays many different thumbnails and now I want the thumbnails to be clickable to view next thumbnail, and when there is no more thumbnails associated to the element the first thumbnail will show again (loops).

I also preferably want the thumbnails to load onclick and not all at the same time the visitor e

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