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Online Ticket Booking using PayPal: Prevent multiple visitors from buying same ticket
by Theo in Development Tools & Services

I am developing an online ticketing system for events (like concerts). A basic part is a seat chart where the visitors will be presented the available seats/tickets to choose from. Once they make a selection, the system immediately tries to reserve the tickets for 10 minutes (by entering the ticket IDs into a table where ticket ID is key).
Only if the reservation was succesful, a paypal bu

Passing around a Kerberos (TGT) Ticket Granting Ticket. Is Double-Hop Implementation Secure?
by uo7 in Web Design

Why is it okay to pass Kerberos TGTs around between machines (even across networks)? Isn't this pretty much passing a private key around (which is highly frowned upon the security world)?

The only protection I've read about so far is that it has a set amount of time for which it is valid.

Please answer in terms of why passing a TGT is okay and passing a private key is n

How to Find out My Traffic Ticket Number Without the Ticket in Alabama
by Skee in Legal
For all traffic offenses in the state of Alabama, police departments, sheriff's departments and the Alabama Highway Patrol issue uniform traffic citations. While the Alabama Judicial System permits online payment of all traffic citations, the online system utilized by the Alabama Judicial System requires users to input the citation number listed on the uniform traffic citation. If you have lost yo

How to Get the Aurora Ticket & Mystic Ticket
by sandorski in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Aurora and Mystic Tickets are used in the games "Pokemon LeafGreen," Pokemon FireRed" and "Pokemon Emerald." Players are able to start the quests to get the legendary Pokemon Lugia, Ho-oh and Deoxys with these tickets. However, these tickets cannot be acquired by playing normally, but must be transferred into your game through specialized hotspots located at Nintendo-sponsored Pokemon events.D

How to convert a fluent Nhibernate custom ticket generator to a nhibernate loquacious custom ticket generator
by DaleS in Development Tools & Services

I currently have a custom ticket generator for fluent Nhibernate and as part of some research we are looking at changing over from fluent Nhibernate to loquacious nhibernate.

I've been moving the mappings over without too much trouble. But the problem I've run in to is in the custom ticket generator. The Ticket generator interface in fluent is pretty simple, but I can not figure out

How to Pay a Ticket
by redha in Legal
Everyone hates being busted with a ticket. Be it a parking, speeding or other driving offense, it is more common than not that all regular drivers will have to deal with a ticket sooner or later. Although we all wish we could talk our way out of them all, this is not generally the case, and there will be a fine, court appearance or other form of repentance ordered. Rules, regulations and fees v
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How to Use an E-ticket
by Kuer in Travel
An e-ticket is an electronic plane ticket, usually issued by e-mail. Whether you buy your ticket online, from a travel agent or through the airline itself, most domestic and international airlines have stopped issuing paper tickets as of 2008. Using an e-ticket isn't very different from using a paper ticket, though travelers must take some steps to ensure a smooth journey without any snags or hass
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How to Get a Wii Ticket
by zuz in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Nintendo Wii tickets are 16-digit numerical codes that grant Wii gamers access to specified Wii Shop application and component items. Wii Shop items are classified as Wii Speak accessories, which are add-ons for certain Wii games. Wii Speak accessories come with Wii tickets prepackaged on paper inserts. The 16-digit code on the paper insert must be downloaded and activated to get the Wii ticket on
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How to Get the Eon Ticket
by David Bjornn in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Eon Ticket allows you to ride a ferry to South Island, a location where you can catch the legendary Pokemon Latios or Latias in Pokemon Sapphire Version and Pokemon Ruby Version. You could originally obtain the Eon Ticket by scanning a card sent out by Nintendo Power magazine with your Game Boy Advance e-Reader. If you missed this opportunity, you also can obtain the Eon Ticket with the aid of
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How to Get out of a Ticket
by Bas in Careers & Job Searching
Nobody likes getting a ticket, but when you're rushing to get to work on time or cruising country roads a little faster than you should, you're bound to run into a police officer. Rather than resigning yourself to the inevitable, follow these tips to get out of a ticket and walk away with nothing more than a warning.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Driver license, Proof
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