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What Does a Timbre in Music Do for the Selection?
by Eric in Arts & Entertainment
Changing the timbre of a selection of music has several effects on the perception of the music. While timbre specifically refers to the tone quality of the sound, it also has a direct relationship to the volume, range and effect of a solo instrument's ability to cut through an ensemble and be heard. Choosing a timbre must be done carefully to ensure that the balance between instruments is kept.

How to Change a Piano Timbre
by msg in Arts & Entertainment
Most people believe a piano has one sound, but the piano is capable of being bright, mellow, dark or brilliant all in one instrument. The sound quality or tone of an instrument is known as its timbre, and it is what makes two different instruments sound distinctive even when they play the same notes. Musical notes are made up of a fundamental tone, which is the name we give the note, and the overt

How to Change the Pitch & Timbre of Your Voice
by Ubermateo in Arts & Entertainment
When recording vocals, aim to capture the cleanest and loudest possible recording with as few effects on the original signal as possible. Once you've recorded your vocals, there are multiple steps you can take to enhance, correct or manipulate the sound of the audio. Editing and mixing tools allow you to improve sound-quality of the original recording, add extra tonal elements or alter the recordi

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