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What Is ISO P9 Tolerance?
by Techhog in Business
The International Organization for Standards (ISO) is an international group that sets universal guidelines for measurement of thousands of items. In the case of bearings, certain types can tolerate certain amounts of stress, an amount quantified by ISO. P9 BearingsP9 bearings are are used for specific application on items such as machine spindles. This class of bearing can deliver a higher rot
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What Is Tolerance in Resistors?
by iMelnik in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Ordinary resistors have three to five colored bands across their body. The fourth band represents what is known as tolerance. Tolerance indicates how much the measured value of a resistance is different from its theoretical value, and it is calculated using percentages. FeaturesMany resistors have only three bands on their outer casing, which means that the tolerance has a default value of plus

What Is Alcohol Tolerance?
by Remyx in Food & Drink
Alcohol tolerance is a person's ability to resist changes in motor function, judgment, mood, and other effects that normally result from consuming alcoholic beverages. The higher your alcohol tolerance, the more drinks you will have to consume to become impaired or drunk. Body MassOne of the most important factors that influences alcohol tolerance is body mass. The concentration of alcohol in t

Zero Tolerance in Schools
by Mark W in Education
Now more than ever, parents are growing more concerned about activities in schools that may be harmful to children. In response to the growing concerns of parents, many schools have adopted zero-tolerance policies, which aim to discourage students from engaging in destructive behavior. Several schools have also hired police officers to patrol the hallways of schools to provide extra safety to stud

Temperature Tolerance for Geraniums
by keithosu in Home & Garden
The geranium, Geranium spp., is a relatively heat-tolerant flower that grows in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 to 8, with a few species cold-hardy to zone 3. Despite its reputation for handling heat well, the geranium grows better in certain temperatures. General TemperaturesThe ideal temperature range for geraniums is between 60 and 75 degrees F, and temperatures slightly past that range on both

Temperature Tolerance of Daylilies
by NikolaeVarius in Home & Garden
Daylilies as a group are hardy from U.S. Department of Agriculture planting zones 2 to 10, which include most of North America. Not all varieties of daylilies, however, are hardy in every zone. Several factors determine how specific plants react to temperature. HybridizationSiloam hybrids were originated by an Alabama breeder for Southern summers.Purple daylily image by Bluegill from Fotolia.co

How to Put Tolerance & Dimension in AutoCAD
by rgmarcha in Computers
AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) application that creates schematic and construction drawings for building and design projects. These drawings require dimensions to accurately represent the size of the drawn object; dimensional tolerances are used to define how precise the dimensions of the drawing are. For example, an object with a true length of 9 feet and 3-29/32 inches would be dimensi

Ideas for Teaching Tolerance
by plonk420 in Education
Tolerance is the willingness to accept, respect and appreciate people who are different from you in race, sex, cultural heritage, socioeconomic background or disability. Learning to work with and tolerate others is a key to success for both children and adults. Teaching tolerance often requires active effort by parents and educators. DiscussionInitiate discussions about the value of differences

Art Project Ideas for Tolerance
by Jason Merrill in Arts & Entertainment
Teaching tolerance is an important part of the curriculum in many schools today. Students are far more likely to participate in lessons about tolerance if they can actively produce something. The act of producing art around this theme is likely to give students lasting understanding of what it means to be tolerant and accepting of others. CollageA collage is a fun way for people of varying abil

Equation solver within tolerance
by Ubermateo in Programming Languages

I'm trying to design a Ruby script that will help with RC/RL circuit design by taking values of E24 series resistors and E12 and E6 series capacitors and inductors. Basically just cycling through each possible combination with the equation F = 1 / ( 2 * Pi * R * C ) [for the RC circuit for eg].

I'm not after efficiency here, just reliability. I need it to cycle through

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