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How to Pay a Toll
by Brian O'Neill in Cars
Traveling a toll road is a convenient alternative to sitting in traffic. There are several payment methods available. How often you use a toll road and your personal preference can help you determine which option is best for you.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Prepaid AccountEstablish a prepaid account if you use toll roads on a regular basis. The prepaid account is part of an electronic tol
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How to Get a Job at a Toll Booth
by avi in Careers & Job Searching
Becoming a toll booth collector can be a great customer service job. It can be fairly easy as you collect fees from people who use bridges, ferries, and tunnels. You will find that many of the toll booth jobs can be obtained with little experience. Along with 8 to 12 hour shifts, becoming a toll booth collector can be a great job.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
high school dip
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How to Use a Toll Tag On a Motorcycle
by gitano in Cars
A Toll Tag -- the proprietary name given to a North Texas Tollway fast-pass sticker -- speeds up your commute by removing the need to stop at every toll booth you encounter. Toll Tags interact with optical devices installed at each toll stop to keep a record of your travels, allowing you to keep driving even as you pass through. If you commute along the North Texas Tollway, you'll need a Toll Tag
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How to Get a Texas Toll Tag
by golazo in Cars
Many Texas motorists who use the toll roads on a regular basis choose to get a toll tag known as a TxTag. The TxTag sticker is attached to the vehicle's front windshield and allows your toll to be collected electronically. Motorists using the TxTag do not need to stop at toll booths, because the fees are automatically deducted from a prepaid account. TxTag users also have the added benefit of payi
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How to Set Up a Toll-Free Number
by Sivavt in Business
For business owners, toll free numbers offer an enticing, easy way to subtly promote customer service from the very first interaction with a patron. Customers can call a toll-free number at no-cost to them. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you have taken this small step for their convenience. Toll-free numbers are not just for business. The average person who wishes to save their inco
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How to Pay an Illinois Toll on the Internet
by Navin in Travel
The Illinois Tollway is a 286-mile roadway system that includes stretches of Interstates 94, 294, 80/294, 90, 88 and 355. These roads are all located in the congested Chicago metro area. Because of the often-heavy traffic, you may get caught in an I-Pass-only lane and miss paying a toll. If this happens, the state grants a seven-day grace period to allow you to pay the toll online.Difficulty:Moder

How to Dial Toll Free
by Riparian in Home & Garden
Toll free numbers are a great business tool. They allow consumers to call a company or organization at no cost to them, thus encouraging more calls. The company or organization subscribes to the toll free number and pays the cost for the calls that are made to it. As a consumer, toll free numbers give you greater freedom when calling companies or organizations that are located outside of your loca
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How to Pay a Missed Toll On Line
by Bunny loves data in Travel
Have you ever been in heavy traffic in an unfamiliar city and unable to get into the correct lane to pay tolls? If you passed by the toll booth in the iPass lane you only have 7 days to pay your toll or get a citation. The following steps will help you with the process of paying your missed toll on line.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Credit card

Missed Toll Line

How to Get Toll-Free VoIP
by Dopey in Computers
Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones deliver telephone communications over the Internet. VOIP phones can be wireless or connected to a LAN cable or phone jack. Toll-free numbers offer callers a method of dialing your long-distance number without incurring long-distance charges, although the number holder will have to pay a fee for the number. Current toll-free number holders can switch their
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Toll Taker Salaries
by mg. in Personal Finance
Toll takers are responsible for collecting the money from motorists using state throughways and interstate highways; this money is used by state governments for various public programs. Toll takers earn much higher salaries than other workers in similar jobs and also receive state employment benefits and pension plans. The increasing use of technology to collect state highway tolls has reduced the

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