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How to Win a Tony
by aafr in Arts & Entertainment
Winning a Tony Award isn't an easy thing to do. Besides talent, you need to do a lot of work--take acting, singing and dancing classes, go on auditions and hopefully appear in a show where you can get the attention of agents, journalists and those on the Tony Award Voting Committee. So, just follow these steps, and hopefully, someday, your name can be the toast of Broadway when you win a Tony Awar
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How to Use Tony Little's Gazelle
by stephenbennyhat in Sports & Fitness
Low-impact exercisers, such as the Gazelle Edge and Crosstrainer Pro, are popular choices for in-home exercise machines, especially if you are looking to gradually increase your fitness level. Adding low-impact exercise to your everyday activities not only helps you lose weight but also reduces your chance of heart attack or stroke. The American Heart Association states that regular exercise also

How to Be Like Tony Soprano
by swassbac in Arts & Entertainment
The fictional character Tony Soprano lives life on the edge. As a mob boss, he sets the rules that everyone else follows and escapes the law, romantic entanglements and the like without being any worse for wear. While an individual may not be the head of a crime family, there are ways to be like Tony Soprano and still live peaceably in this work-a-day world.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Lo
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How to Use Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle
by swinaz in Sports & Fitness
The Gazelle Freestyle is a great home version of an elliptical machine. It is non-impact and can be used in multiple ways. It also comes equipped with three adjustable power pistons that increase the intensity from beginner to intermediate to expert.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Get familiar with the machine. Grip the handles and place your feet comfortably on the foot pedals. Move your arms

How to Skateboard Like Tony Hawk
by nobodyzzz in Sports & Fitness
Tony Hawk received his first skateboard from his brother at age 9. Starting at this young age, whatever Tony wanted, Tony accomplished, and at 16, he entered the professional skateboarding. Tony has changed the skateboarding world with his skills and is now a solid good guy who is a role model for young skateboarders all over the world.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Be obsessive.

How to Use One-on-One Trainer Equipment by Tony Little
by tiagoggama in Sports & Fitness
Tony Little has an incredible story. After a devastating accident just six months prior to a big bodybuilding competition, he fell into a major depression. He finally pulled himself out of it to produce a fitness video that he eventually marketed on the Home Shopping Network. He went on to develop several different types of exercise equipment, including his line of one-on-one trainer equipment kno

How to Hardflip with Tony Hawk
by albenik in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" was released for the PlayStation in 1999. The first game released in the series, "THPS" remains a fan favorite to this day. By using different button combinations, players can perform a variety of tricks such as manuals, kickflips, ollies and hardflips. A hardflip is a basic flip trick that can be performed by Tony Hawk or any skater in the game.Difficulty:Moderately EasyI

How to Darkslide on Tony Hawk
by SystemOverclock in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Tony Hawk games are extreme skateboarding video games for the Playstation game systems. There are games for both the PS3 and the PS2. Darkslide is a special grind trick. Some versions of the game require a darkslide to move on to the next level, so learning the trick is important to the game.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Complete several small tricks. Darkslide is a special grind trick,

How to Get Tickets for the Tony Awards
by markku in Arts & Entertainment
The Tony Awards takes place (as of April 2011) at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan; the venue, however, may change in future years. The Tony Awards is an annual celebration of theater, which is broadcast live. Awards are handed out for Broadway productions and performances. Several noncompetitive awards, including a Special Tony Award, the Tony Honors for Excellence in Theatre, and the Isabelle Ste

How to Use Tony Little's Gazelle Edge
by Robby White in Health
Tony Little's Gazelle Edge is designed to deliver a workout to your entire body, especially your legs. This machine is simple to use and doesn't require a handbook of different exercise techniques to be effective. There is only one exercise to learn, which you can then repeat in different ways to tone your entire body and burn calories.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Getting StartedStand


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