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Putting a toolbar directly under a navigation controller without hiding the content underneath the toolbar
by ti22 in Programming Languages

I am trying to put a toolbar directly beneath a navigation bar but I need the toolbar to not hide the content from the view directly beneath it. My quick solution was to set the navigation controller's native toolbar to visible, which works and properly resizes the view beneath it so that it doesn't let anything hide behind it, BUT the default toolbar shows at the bottom of the screen.

How to create a custom toolbar in Eclipse RCP applications where the toolbar contains large icons
by pulkizine in Programming Languages

How to create a custom toolbar in Eclipse RCP applications where the toolbar contains large icons.
We would like to brand our application and allow larger in icons in perspective toolbars to make the user experience more comfortable.

How to detect if a particular toolbar is enabled in Firefox's View>Toolbar menu programatically
by ZsA in Programming Languages

I am trying to determine if a particular toolbar is already enabled (meaning: made visible) in Firefox's View>Toolbar menu. I can determine if a toolbar (add-on) is installed. I can determine if it is enabled in Tools>Add-ons. I cannot, however, seem to detect if an installed toolbar is actually enabled/visible vie the View>Toolbars menu item. Is there a config file or sqlite table that stores

how to add a new toolbar to the existing toolbar in outlook 2007 from C# using Interop
by Boyer C. in C & C++ & C#

I want to add a new toolbar menu to the existing toolbar Items in Microsoft Outlook 2007 using Interop in C#.
I have created a outlook addIns and created new Toolbar under the existing toolbar,But I want add an item next to existing toolbar items.
Can anyone help me out?

How to Find Lost Toolbar Options in Microsoft Word 2003: Recovering and Restoring Previous Toolbar Settings and Tab Options
by KCro in Computers
Microsoft Office 2003 enables you to customize Microsoft Word for streamlined use. You can add and remove options to and from the toolbars and menus. If the Word 2003 toolbar becomes cluttered, if another user changes the toolbars and tabs without permission or if you can no longer find a toolbar or menu option, you can revert the settings to default, restoring the original toolbar and tab setting

After adding “primary toolbar” style class to a gtk.Builder object, gtk.ToolButtons in toolbar are not primary-themed
by Blue in Programming Languages

I've been trying to get my toolbar to look like the standard toolbars in stock Ubuntu apps, and it works to an extent, except the buttons in the toolbar do not have the correct theming applied to them. The text is colored for the default toolbar, and on hover the buttons are an ugly tan color instead of getting darker grey as they do in the standard Ubuntu apps.

In other words I'm g

My split view controller is not showing a toolbar. How do I remove the toolbar shine effect from the background in the table view?
by imported_bman in Programming Languages

I'm working on an App based on the Master-Detail Application template in Xcode 4.3.3. I'm noticing an odd artifact in the Master Table View popover in portrait mode. Here is a screen shot of the oddity. (I'm specifically referring to the shine affect in the area that could optionally contain a toolbar.)


Here are

How to Install a Google Toolbar on My Toolbar
by Vlad Sirenko in Internet
Install the Google Toolbar if you want your browser to have more games, buttons, gadgets and search boxes. The Google Toolbar comes with a default set of buttons that let you view Google bookmarks and access social sites such as Facebook and Myspace. Google also provides a gallery of additional buttons and widgets that you can add to your toolbar. As you type into the toolbar's search box, it disp

after dismiss a view, toolbar button item on parent view's toolbar disappear
by Demo24 in Operating Systems

On ios6, after executing [parentView dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:FALSE]; the toolbar button item on parent view's toolbar disappear.
Those toolbar button items are created in storyboard.

It works well on ios5 though ...

What happen here?

Add a second toolbar to the existing toolbar
by Skee in Programming Languages

C# WinForms:

I have a static toolbar that is always on my form. but sometimes for example when user selects a command from a menu, I wish to have a second toolbar that is getting added to the right hand side of my static toolbar.
How can I accomplish that?


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