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Get Topics from multiple Category and show top ten topics with responses in mysql/php
by DCal430 in Programming Languages

Hi friends i am listing topics in php which may be associated with multiple category

my db schema is

topic_category (for association)

topic_response // for results

Find most discussed topics from a set of topics (a column in the table)
by Zog in Programming Languages

I have a database column topics with datatype nvarchar. I have to search in these records to find the "TRENDING TOPICS" and display them.

By "TRENDING TOPICS", I mean to say that I want to get the most discussed topic. For example, from the feed titles in twitter, I need to select the most discussed topic and the count of it.

How to approach thi

Query, select pinned topics first, then all other topics
by dagar in Databases

My current query is...

topic.id, topic.title, topic.description, topic.member_id, topic.member_name, topic.views, topic.post_count, topic.last_post_time, topic.last_post_author, topic.last_post_author_id

MBA Topics
by Tashi in Education
Earning a master of business administration (MBA) degree is a difficult task that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. An MBA program requires a student to be innovative when it comes to projects, dissertations, seminars and discussions. The student has to come up with topics that have not received much attention in the past. Because many such topics are available, it may be difficult to na
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Pen Pal Topics
by cengel4 in Culture & Society
Corresponding with a pen pal allows you to experience a different part of the world and share some of your own experiences. Whether you met your pen pal online or were assigned to each other, you will both enjoy learning about the other person and his culture. Of course, written interactions can be just as awkward as in-person ones. It isn't unusual to feel at a loss for words, or uncertain as to
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GED Topics
by ChrisMe in Education
The General Education Development Test (GED) is designed to assess students who did not obtain a high school diploma. Oftentimes, individuals take the GED in order to pursue a higher education or get hired on a job. There exam is broken up into five different subjects. Language ArtsThe language arts portion of the GED lasts for two hours. In part one of the writing section, you are tested on se
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ESL Topics
by Dittmar in Education
English is a complex language with some very subtle rules. People learning to speak English as a second language must master the basics of the language first, and only then progress to its more advanced concepts. Learning the language involves not only studying its vocabulary and grammar but also practicing its pronunciation in order to be understood. GrammarEnglish is a grammatically complex l
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Which Topics to Take for a Ph.D. in Management?
by imported_bman in Education
A Ph.D. in management can be taken by postgraduates who want to specialize in a chosen business area. The topics for a Ph.D. program are numerous because of changes in technology and global management. Universities provide a range of topics to study, some of which are listed below. Accounting & ManagementThe Ph.D. in accounting and management focuses on understanding how to manage accounting in

The Best Safety Topics
by luv2liv in Education
Safety topics help people understand critical issues about keeping themselves and others safe in a number of environments. Failing to follow simple safety regulations and being aware of dangerous situations can often mean a trip to the hospital or even death. Many of these topics often become the subject of news media articles, workplace seminars and public safety demonstrations. Workplace Safe
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Manager Topics
by boomhower in Careers & Job Searching
Managers of companies and organizations have to understand a variety of topics in order to successfully run their business. Some key manager topics may include leadership, change management, gender and age discrimination and risk management. LeadershipA successful manager understands effective leadership knowledge, skills and abilities. Being that leadership is simple in theory but can become q
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