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Is Rit Dye Toxic?
by YoNGaR in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Dyeing with Rit dye can be one way to salvage an otherwise stained garment or to obtain fabrics or yarns of the colors you desire. Care must be taken when using Rit dye; it is a chemical and is toxic when ingested, breathed or absorbed through the skin. ToxicityRit dye is a fine powder that if inhaled may cause breathing problems. Skin contact may cause irritation, rashes and mild burns. Ingest
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Toxic Waste Act
by MovingSpotlight in Health
The Toxic Waste Act, or Superfund, is a federal law of the United States created to clean deserted hazardous waste sites. This program was included in the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) in 1980 with the purpose of cleaning hazardous substances that may pose a threat to both public health and the environment. The law entitles the Environmental Protect
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Toxic Fertilizers
by DigDog in Home & Garden
Toxic chemical fertilizers have been the topic of debate for several years. According to an article published by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), every year companies send their unwanted toxic waste materials to fertilizer companies to be used as unrefined materials in the production of fertilizer that makes its way to farm crops. These waste products often contain hazardous chemicals and to

Is Elderberry Toxic?
by Imaginer in Health
Elderberries are the beautiful fruit from bushes that tend to grow along streams and in low-lying fields across almost half of the eastern United States. They are also called the American Elder and are especially loved by songbirds during harvest. Since many of the European settlers had been using elderberries before they came to America, they continued here during the colonial times and up until
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Is Saffron Toxic?
by KM. in Food & Drink
Some parts of the saffron plant, commonly known as the autumn crocus, are toxic. Saffron stigmas are traditionally used as spice and dye; yet the plant's corms are poisonous and are never used for medicinal or culinary purposes. WarningsIn large portions the poison present in saffron can negatively affect a body's central nervous system and kidneys. The plant's bulbs can be fatal to young child
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What Is Non Toxic Paint?
by Niels Kloster in Home & Garden
Paints consist of three key functional ingredients: A pigment for color, a binder that holds the paint to the surface and a carrier that will preserve the other ingredients in liquid form. In many paints, these functions are performed by harmful chemicals. Non-toxic paints are made from all or mostly natural ingredients. They contain no or minimum amounts of toxic chemicals. Volatile Organic Co
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Is Rhododendron Toxic?
by Kiltec in Home & Garden
Rhododendrons can indeed be toxic to humans and animals such as horses, cats and dogs. The poison is a grayanotoxin, also sometimes referred to as andromedotoxin, acetylandromedol or rhodotoxin. It is found in both the leaves and the flower nectar of the plant. With over 250 species of the plant found across the US and 800 species worldwide, gardeners, parents and pet owners should be aware of the

Is Tungsten Toxic?
by Israel in Hobbies, Games & Toys
In 2007, the New England area experienced a scare after published reports suggested that tungsten had leached into various waterways. Certain compounds of the tungsten element show signs of toxicity. ClassificationTungsten falls into the heavy metal category under the VIB group on the periodic table. Tungsten displays an extreme melting point as well as a high density. Tungsten has the ability
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Are Day Lilies Toxic?
by Steve M in Home & Garden
While blooming day lilies symbolize the start of spring and add a colorful garnish to a gourmet meal, the plant presents health hazards to some animals. Whether growing wild or displayed as a seasonal potted plant, keep day lilies out of reach of curious pets, especially cats. Toxicity of Day Lilies to AnimalsDay lilies are toxic to both large and small animals. Cats and cows can experience adv
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Is Niobium Toxic?
by Jérôme in Health
Niobium is a metal used in the manufacture of high temperature-bearing stainless steel alloys. It is especially useful in high pressure gas and water pipelines. There are concerns regarding its public health risks in terms of heavy metal toxicity. Niobium ToxicityThe health risks to humans have been suggested to be similar to heavy metals if niobium leaches into our drinking water. Although no
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