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Differences Between Educational Toys & Developmental Toys
by kakashi_ in Hobbies, Games & Toys
From birth to the age of three, a child's brain is constantly experiencing new sights, sensations and sounds. From the age of four, children begin using these senses to educate themselves about the world. Playtime provides ample opportunity for babies to develop new motor skills and for toddlers to begin learning the art of interacting and participating more in the world around them. While develop

Recommended Toys for Toys for Tots
by J.W. Mosley in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Toys for Tots is an annual holiday toy drive organized by the United States Marines. The program, which started in 1947, distributes the toys to children in need. The organization will accept a wide range of toys, but they must be new. Hand-me-down toys can send the wrong message to the recipients. The toys must be presented to the Marines in good condition and unwrapped. Young ChildrenAvoid al

Toys of the 50s & 60s
by Kavoos in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The 1950s and 1960s produced some classic toys that required some hands-on imagination. Long before the rise of electronic toys, kids spent their afternoons playing outside with a Hula Hoop, pushing a Slinky down the stairs, drawing on an Etch A Sketch or creating their own Mr. Potato Head. Hula HoopThe Hula Hoop was invented in 1958 by Arthur K. Melvin and Richard P. Knerr of Los Angeles, Cali
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How to Use Jam RC Toys
by loki8481 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Monster Jam RC toys are remote controlled monster trucks that duplicate the trucks used in Monster Jam rallies in miniature form. They are used for personal enjoyment and entertainment and are made by several manufacturers under Monster Jam licenses. Exact usage depends on the individual who owns the toys. The usage of the toys can differ slightly based on the specific Jam vehicle and remote,
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How to Get Rid of Old Toys
by Jon Riegel in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Toys are such an integral part of our childhood that it can often be difficult to let them go. However, the memories they illicit are not bound to the objects themselves and passing them on to others can help create new memories for many others. There are four ways to get rid of old toys; the method you choose will depend on the toy and your emotional attachment to it.Difficulty:EasyInstructions
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How to Get Rid of Toys
by danielsdesk in Home & Garden
A kid's clutter begins at birth with baby's first teddy bears. As the years go on, the toy problem becomes even worse after every birthday, Christmas and visit from the grandparents. Fast forward to the school years and you have a child's bedroom, toy room or basement filled with bins, bookcases and boxes of unwanted toys. There are several ways to get rid of your child's unwanted toys that will b
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Toys From the 40s
by SnuggleTheBear in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The production of metal toys in the 1940s virtually came to a standstill as World War II battled on and demanded much of the metal supply. But the 1940s was a time filled with creative inventions, many of which have stood the test of time. Some of the most famous toys invented in the 1940s are still the most popular of their type today. Yo-YoThe yo-yo is a simple toy that has withstood the test
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Toys Associated With the '50s
by Tom Clark in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Many toys invented during the 1950s continue to be extremely common across the world. During the Second World War, toy companies were engaged in production for the war effort. As a result, after the war, toy companies had a significant amount of excess productive capacity, which propelled them to buy the rights to numerous new toy ideas. BarbieBarbie, the world's most famous doll, debuted in 19

The Best Dog Toys for a Pit Bull
by Maxton in Pets
Pit bulls generally are lovable dogs that are often misunderstood, but like all breeds, they can become bored, stressed or get into trouble if their owners do not keep them occupied. The best dog toys for a pit bull are those that are durable and tailored toward larger, high-energy breeds. Dog toys can give your pit bull a good workout. Activity ToysAmong pit bull owners, Kong toys are praised
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How to Make Yo-Yo Toys
by Vlad Sirenko in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Yo-yo toys are some of the simplest and most entertaining gadgets for kids. The early use of the yo-yo has been traced to both Greek and Chinese societies more than 2,500 years ago, and the toy has maintained its popularity throughout history. The yo-yo consists of a simple spool and a piece of long string that you can simply and quickly replicate at home using two buttons, cotton thread and a len
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