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Change Tracking has cleaned up tracking information although Auto Clean up is set to false
by br0wn in Databases

On my SQL Server I have change tracking enabled, auto cleanup set to false or to true with a very high retention period like 364 days.

Using Microsoft Sync Framework I sync the first time successfully, the second time I try to sync I get the error

"System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): SQL Server Change
Tracking has cleaned up tracking information for

Conversion Tracking: GoogleAdwords tracking pixel vs. Google-Analytics + GoogleAdowords + Goal-Import
by Mark in Development Tools & Services

I'm a little confused. Are there two different ways to track conversions on my Website?
First I found to track conversions only with my AdWords-Tool with a code on http://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1722054?hl=en:

<script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */
var google_conversion_id = 1234567890;
var google_conversion_format = "1";
var g

Kinect - Tracking people in a crowd - Sports Motion Tracking
by 007ELmO in Web Design

I'm interested in programming the Kinect to track people over a largish area.

In particular, I'm looking to track players on a small sports field using gestures to record events in a sports game.

So far I have not found any examples of this being done before, other than Processing examples of tracking players on recorded video.

Could anybody please provide an

Joint tracking image on Skeletal Tracking not following correctly
by AnToni00 in Web Design

When I run the Channel9 MSDN Kinect quickstart series code for skeletal tracking, there are suppose to be images/ellipses that overlap the location of the joints selected. Instead I get images/ellipses that are slightly off and not exactly over the location of the joints. No matter where I move the joints, the images stay off to the side of the exact location of the joint. I have seen the video

Generated Pixel Tracking vs Rest Tracking
by ponchopilate in Programming Languages

I noticed that various platforms I.e. Google Analytics / Facebook still utilize 1x1 pixel tracking to transmit data via query string. Now I can understand pixel tracking when loaded asynchronously, but not to transmit data for later events and so on.

So why not just hit a rest API with base response? The only thing I can think of is sending query over a pixel file is the differenc

GA event goal tracking onSubmit not tracking in GA
by TheMoo in Development Tools & Services

I have a page with a order form. I want to track the onSubmit click in google analytics. This is the format I used. I have also added the correct information into google analytics in the admin/ goals panel.

<form method='post' id='form_catalogrequest' name='CatalogRequest' value='CatalogRequest' onSubmit ="return valid(this);_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'catalogRequest', 'Submit'

Moving git tracking into a subdirectory without tracking siblings
by Ohio in Programming Languages

Can anyone guide me on how to move a git directory into a subdirectory?

The current directory structure is as follows:


I want to make it like:


I do not care about the history of partB, I will ma

Kinect SDK 1.5 - Face Tracking : WPF tracking problems
by piratus in Web Design

I'm working with the new face tracking SDK of Kinect (Microsoft Official), and I noticed that there's difference in detection between c++ and c#-wpf example: the first one is way faster in recognition than the second (the one I want to use, actually). In the c++ version the face tracking is almost on the fly, while in the wpf one it starts ONLY when I put my entire body (so the entire skeleton)

Motion Tracking vs Blob Tracking
by danil in Development Tools & Services

Hi all I have a simple question that I have been struggling with....what is the difference, if any, between motion component (blob?) tracking and blob tracking? As defined by OpenCV.

Does one cover the other? or are they entirely different things?

Can they be used in conjunction to improve tracking accuracy?

Is the former designed for motion while the latter

EF and self-tracking: is self-tracking useful?
by igv in Development Tools & Services

I am thinking about the best way to pass the information between the service, which take the information from the data base, and pass the result to the client.

At a first moment, I was thinking to do the following.

I have an assembly that interact with the database. This assembly has an interface, that expose the methods needed to retrieve data, update... etc. Also there

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