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How to Use Training Pants During the Early Stage of Potty Training
by Koen Willemse in Parenting
Training pants are disposable underwear that are used to help toddlers transition from using diapers to wearing regular underwear. Potty training can prove to be quite a challenge if you aren't sure which approach to take. The key is to stay consistent and insistent once you believe your child is ready for the transition. Your child may be ready if he or she can answer simple questions, follow dir

diverging results from weka training and java training
by Walruz in Java

I'm trying to create an "automated trainning" using weka's java api but I guess I'm doing something wrong, whenever I test my ARFF file via weka's interface using MultiLayerPerceptron with 10 Cross Validation or 66% Percentage Split I get some satisfactory results (around 90%), but when I try to test the same file via weka's API every test returns basically a 0% match (every row returns false)<

How to Select the Right Training Delivery & Training Tracking System
by Funkwarrior in Business
Selecting a training delivery and training tracking system for your company typically involves ensuring that the learning management system you purchase allows you to meet the needs of your company's employees. Software applications known as learning management systems provide functions that enable training professionals to centralize automated administrative tasks and consolidate training files.

The Advantages of Ongoing Training Instead of Single-Event Training
by Norway in Business
Orientation or new-employee training provides new hires with a wealth of information about working for a company and details about the employees' job tasks. Some organizations include company history and information about the products the business creates. The orientation training gives new workers a sense of the company's mission and philosophy. Businesses can take the initial training further an

Which Is Better Full Body Training or Split Training?
by brtyler in Sports & Fitness
Martial arts training prepares you to engage the whole body. What training approach, full body or split, that is best for you depends upon your commitments in energy and time. For a martial artist with a high commitment, full body is better. Skillful trainers can choose split training. Whole MovementFull-body training keeps the entire body active and moving, developing ability and agility in th

How to Transfer Military Training to Civilian Training
by Seba in Careers & Job Searching
Soldiers sometimes have difficulty adjusting from military life into regular society. The skills they learned during times of conflict may not always translate to the private sector and effort needs to be made to adapt to a post-military life. Locating private jobs that requires military skills or background can sometimes help in the conversion from soldier to employee. One advantage of transferri

Paper Training Vs. Crate Training a Bulldog
by Maine in Pets
Potty training your bulldog puppy won't be an overwhelming task as long as you start from the day you bring him home and maintain a consistent method. It may take several weeks before your bulldog is trustworthy in the house, but without one of these methods, your pup may never be completely house-trained. Depending on your lifestyle, you might choose to paper train or crate train your dog. Both m

Ranger Training Vs. Special Forces Training
by ertuzio in Careers & Job Searching
Army Rangers and Army Special Forces represent a distinct class of soldier within their branch of the military, and the level of training and role of both differs. BackgroundRangers and Special Forces represent the tip of the spear of land forces from the Army, and their tactics and training is based on commando units from World War II.
Time FrameBecoming a Ranger takes a little more than tw

Air Force Basic Training & Physical Training
by Matt Corr in Careers & Job Searching
Air Force basic military training (BMT) and physical training (PT) go hand in hand. Accomplishing one will lead to accomplishing the other, but it is definitely a challenge. To meet that challenge, a recruit should be properly prepared and enter with the knowledge of the basic physical requirements in BMT. Starting BMTThe transition from civilian life to military life can be rough. A normal day

Paper Training Vs. Litter Training for Dogs
by msg in Pets
Paper training and litter training are just two of many options when looking to housebreak a dog. They may seem very similar, but in reality are quite different. What Is Paper Training?Paper training is a method of house training a puppy that involves designating an acceptable place for the dog to do "its business" inside the house. Traditionally this spot is covered in newspaper, but in rece

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