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How to Become a Travel Agent With Encore Travel Group
by DCal430 in Careers & Job Searching
Travel agents are responsible for helping customers choose which tours, dates and itineraries work the best for them and also help coordinate all transportation-related plans. Since Encore Travel Group specializes in group tours to American cites with cultural and historic highlights, a candidate for hire as a potential travel agent should have in-depth knowledge of group tourism, good knowledge o

Travel Documents Required for Travel to St. Martin
by Nidleb in Travel
Saint Martin is a small island in the Caribbean, shared between France and the Netherlands. Although France owns more of the island, the Netherlands side has a larger population. Travelers may arrive by sea or by way of the international airport. Entry requirementsAll travelers arriving at Princess Juliana International Airport must complete and submit a landing card. The landing card is usuall

The Best Travel Insurance for Student Travel
by Meghan54 in Personal Finance
Choosing an insurance for student travel depends on numerous factors, including whether the student is traveling with a group -- such as a school group -- or alone or with friends. Basic coverage will include emergency medical and evacuation, trip cancellation and interruption, and baggage loss and delay. But fine print defines what's coverable as it does with all policies. And some student polici

How to Get Travel Insurance to Travel Within England
by tobybot in Personal Finance
You thought about getting travel insurance before your trip, but with all of the packing and reading up on Cockney slang, you forgot to do it before you arrived in England. Or maybe you’ve decided to extend your holiday, or had something come up which keeps you in England. You’ve been hearing tales of emergencies abroad that involved staggering costs. So now you’ve decided

How to Book Travel With a Travel Agent
by zealot1983 in Travel
Booking your vacation with a travel agent ensures a smooth trip, provides you with a knowledgeable adviser and may even save you money. Plan your next destination with help from a qualified travel agent.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Begin with your own destination research. You must first have at least a general idea of your destination, as many agents specialize in certain regions or

How Does Train Travel Differ From Air Travel?
by SpunkyJones in Travel
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How to Compare Reviews for Travel Garment Steamer (aka Travel Fabric Steamer)
by Indiana in Home & Garden
A travel fabric steamer is a handy tool for any traveler and almost a necessity for the business, professional or luxury traveler. The travel garment steamer has become very popular in replacing travel irons because of their ease of use and their ability to be used on most, if not all, fabrics. Before buying, you will want to read travel fabric steamer reviews and compare which hand held steamer w

How to Become a Self-Employed Travel Agent or Work-From-Home Travel Agent
by Veliko in Business
Self-employed travel agents can work from home, from the office or from abroad. The freedom that comes with the position of independent agent is far reaching and includes working in whatever market you wish and working as little or as much as your budget allows. The process of becoming a self-employed travel agent involves establishing your business, building a product line and getting the word ou

How to Buy and Pack Lightweight Travel Clothing for Cheap Lightweight Travel
by JGKelly in Travel
With the advent of hefty luggage fees on airlines, lightweight travel is more important than ever. Not only will you often be charged for your bags, but you can expect additional fees if they exceed a certain weight. A light bag also makes it easier for you to transport your suitcases in and out of cars, trains and throughout hotels. Your choice of fabrics and the way in which you pack both affect

The Advantages of Air Travel Over Sea Travel
by rpanic in Travel
Airplanes have revolutionized the way we travel, making the world seem like a smaller place because of reduced travel times. Traditional methods of travel, such as by boat or ship, still exist but are not depended upon as the primary option. The increasing number of air carriers have also introduced competition and price reductions. QuickMost vacationers and travelers are able to travel for onl

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