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What Kind of a Tray Is Used for a Tray-Cake?
by lxskllr in Food & Drink
Tray cake is another name for kuih talam. Kuih talam is a two-layer cake from Malaysia. The top layer is white and is mainly comprised of coconut milk, sugar and rice flour. The bottom layer is usually green and made of rice flour, tapioca starch and some other varying ingredients. Instead of baking this dish, it is steamed to achieve a firm texture and appearance. To get the proper thickness of

How to Build a Sand Tray for Sand Tray Therapy
by Bobblegate in Health
Sand trays allow patients to explore their emotions and express themselves through the freedom of play. Developed by Jungian therapist Dora Kalff in the 1950s, sandplay allows the client to create a richly symbolic miniature world that reflects his or her inner state. Through the arrangement of sand and objects in creative play, unconscious processes are made visible. It can be rewarding to build

DIY Bed Tray
by Gipsy.D in Home & Garden
Whether you're saying "I love you" with breakfast in bed or creating a portable surface for laptops or Legos, there's nothing more convenient than a bed tray. You can buy a bed tray, or you can make one with a couple of basic tools and a few "found" objects. This bed tray will pamper your family in sickness, celebration and relaxation for years to come, and be all the more special because you did
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How to Set a Tray for Tea
by The Merg in Parties & Entertaining
Full English tea service, complete with tea, savory sandwiches, scones, sweets and dessert, is a rare experience rather than the every-afternoon norm. The pomp and circumstance of the tradition is still practiced in high-end tea rooms and by individual tea connoisseurs. Understanding tea preparation and mastering the menu is only part of impeccable tea service; knowing how to set a perfect tea tra
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What Is a WGA Tray?
by vvv in Computers
If you use Windows XP, you may have discovered an unfamiliar program running on your system called “wgatray.exe.” While unknown programs sometimes signal malware infections or other problems, this particular program is part of Microsoft’s operating system. The "wgatray" program is a Windows Genuine Advantage scanner, designed to ensure the copy of Windows XP you are usi
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How to Put AIM on the Tray
by Ohio in Internet
The Windows Explorer bar allows easy access to programs and controls you use often. AOL Instant Messenger is one of the many buttons you can include in this menu, found in the lower right corner of the screen by the clock. The AIM button in your tray shows your current status. You can click this icon to access your buddy list and other AIM features.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Download the AIM i
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How to Fix a CD Tray That Came Out
by David Colebatch in Arts & Entertainment
All CD cases consist of three pieces. CD cases can be assembled by snapping each of the three pieces into place. No tools are necessary to fix loose cases. The only situation where a case can not be repaired is if the cover or the back tray of the case is severely cracked.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
CD case

The back tray is assembled using tw

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How to Build a Bed Tray
by rbrewer in Home & Garden
Bed trays allow you to eat meals in bed, usually due to raised supports that let the tray rest over you without actually touching you. You can craft your own bed tray rather than buying one, allowing you to customize your tray so it matches your other serving ware or home decor. You may even want to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed after completing your DIY bed tray.Difficulty:Moderately Ea
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How to Repair the PS2 CD Tray
by 02ranger in Hobbies, Games & Toys
There are a number of CD tray malfunctions you may encounter with your PlayStation 2. A piece of debris blocking the tray can make the tray jam when inserting a game disc. An out-of-place disc lens can give you an on-screen disc read error. As the PS2 is an older console that will no longer be under warranty, if you need to fix your disc tray, your best option is to take it apart yourself.Difficul
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how to get the tray icons
by Jarques in Programming Languages

I am making my own taskbar which will replace the default windows one. How do I get a list of everything that is in the system tray (notification area)?

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