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Git: trouble with setting up daemon, trouble with git clone
Category : Development Tools & Services

Setting up new git installations.

On one Windows laptop, I'm running (under cygwin):

git daemon --base-path=/cygdrive/c/work/proj/

My project's root is c:workprojproj1. There is a c:workprojproj1.git directory.
git-daemon-export-ok exists in c:workprojproj1. (git-daemon-export-ok can be an empty file, yes?)

On another Windows

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Having trouble with H-15
Category : Programming Languages

I am doing Problem 15. Which states:

(**) Replicate the elements of a list a given number of times.
* (repli '(a b c) 3)
(A A A B B B C C C)
Example in Haskell:
> repli "abc" 3

My plan was to do something like this:

repli :: [a] -> Integer -> [a]
repli [] y

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having trouble SUM PER ROW
Category : Programming Languages

Im having trouble on my code, I want to print it ROW by Row but I ended up adding all those numbers-

Should look like this --> sum of row 0 is ""
sum of row 1 is ""
sum of row 2 is ""

public class NewClass
public static void main( String[] arg )

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having trouble looking for the right gps
Category : Web Design

I'm looking for a GPS for a small class project. We want the smallest GPS possible and all we really need it to do is to give us longitude and latitude values when we poll it.

I tried looking at sparkfun, but since we haven't really worked with this type of hardware before, it's hard to know which kind we really want/what parts we need.

What We Need:

smallest p

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Having trouble with sql LIKE
Category : Programming Languages

I have the following query:

SELECT * FROM `alerts` WHERE `title` LIKE `%template%`

This should return at least 3 results with titles that includes the word 'template' but I'm getting the following error: -

1054 - Unknown column '%template%' in 'where clause'

As far as I can tell its syntactically correct and calling the correct column names.

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CSS Trouble in IE7
Category : Web Design

In IE7, I get gaps in between my div. Better explanation of my problem if you view it in both IE7 and Firefox.

Compare this in firefox to IE7 [Edit][Removed URL].

What is the problem??

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CSS trouble with IE7
Category : Web Design

I am designing a website and it looks good in basically all browsers except IE7, where I have a problem I haven't been able to correct. I have a menu in HTML like this:

<div id="nav">
<li id="cMenu"><a id="cart" href="#">Home</a></li>
<li id="pMenu"><a id="promos" href="#">Promos&l

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A little git trouble
Category : Web Design

I'm using git with my friend.
I did a few commits and my friend didn't update his local repo and pushed with -f arugment:

git push -f origin master

Now in the git server (github) my commits are destroyed and the latest commit is my friends. But I have a history of commits locally. Can I somehow merge them back to the master? Or I have to do it by hands w

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Git to SVN trouble
Category : Programming Languages

My boss has a Perforce repository for which he wants to make a read-only copy available on Sourceforge via subversion. He had a perl script which would do this but it's no longer functioning (we don't want to try debugging it yet) and it's really not that great anyway.

So an alternate solution is to pull the perforce repo into git as a remote ref, which I have already done successfu

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IRA Trouble
Category : Personal Finance
Is your IRA good or bad for you? While IRAs have some very beneficial aspects to them, they are not always a panacea for your savings. Some issues could make your IRA a poor place to save money. Before you make any kind of final decision on the matter, understand some of the troubles with IRAs. TaxationIRAs basically force you into a position of guessing at what future tax rates will be. Before

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