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if Is_Pend=true and Is_Hold=true If true then these items should be displayed at the end
by j0sh4tran in Development Tools & Services

I have a issue . I am getting store which contain create data,is_pend,Is_Hold,name,address etc. I am not able to push the row witch meet criteria if( Is_Pend=true and Is_Hold=true ) @ bottom of store. ie
If true then these items should be displayed at the end of store.
I try but not resolve the eg like this ............ store= Title DirectorReleased

How safe is using var t=!0 / var t=!1 for true / false? Do they always return true boolean true / false?
by daveybrat in Web Design

Many of us have seen / use the following:

var t=!0; (t will equal true)
var t=!1; (t will equal false)

How safe is this method of evaluating true / false?

I see google use this all the time.

Will these ALWAYS return a boolean true / false?


How do I find all “true” in a column and insert two rows above each found true?
by Mario Tristan in Programming Languages
03-24-00 True
04-16-00 True
05-99-00 True
07-01-00 True
94-40-95 True

Does anyone understand what I need? Trues are in column B and each month there may be a differ

jQuery slideshow using setInterval and .stop(true, true).animate grinding FF to a halt
by vyazkov in Programming Languages

this one is quite specific and may be pretty tricky to replicate but some help would be fantastic.

I have a slideshow using


I animate the css on my element to change the opacity over time. I use

.stop(true, true)

on the element so that when the tab loses focus the animations do not queue incorr

Ant and Jacoco: Need to set junit's fork to “true” but not property that's true
by Tanclearas in Programming Languages

I'm using the Jacoco Junit task and tried the following:

<!-- run the junit tests -->
<echo>DEBUG: $${junit.fork} = "${junit.fork}"</echo>
<junit fork="${junit.fork}" includeAntRuntime="true">

JTextArea width stretches with input even when using setLineWrap(true) & setWrapStyleWord(true)
by NoTine42 in Programming Languages

When the frame appears the JTextArea stetches horizontally until it reaches the frame width size and on resize of the frame the JTextArea will stretch again to match the width of the frame. If input is added the JTextArea it will continue to grow horizontally rather than wrapping the text on to a new line.

Without the setLineWrap(true)

jQuery's .clone(true, true) not cloning event bindings on children
by björnen in Programming Languages

I'm using clone(true, true) to copy a select and some buttons to clone and remove.
I thought the second true argument should ensure that the event handler is passed on to the cloned child buttons.

Here is the markup:

<div id="clone-container">
<div class="clone">
<label for="select1">Select 1</label>
<select id="s

Django South migration not working with null = True and blank = True
by RDongre in Web Design

I am using South with Django for database migrations.

In my models.py I changed one of the fields from

class User( models.Model ) :
group = models.ForeignKey( Group )


class User( models.Model ) :
group = models.ForeignKey( Group, null = True, blank = True )

In other words, I wan

Hibernate @SelectBeforeUpdate(true) and @DynamicUpdate(true) not working with session.merge
by Ted Leung in Programming Languages

I'm using Hibernate 4.1.7.Final and trying to update an object using the session.merge(entity) method. The entity is annotated with:

@SelectBeforeUpdate(true) and @DynamicUpdate(true)

However, I'm finding that the merge method overwrites original non-null fields (in the previously persisted entity) with null values from entity being merged - which I don't want. I thought

Javascript TRUE and “true” why someone uses string instead of boolean?
by yaplik in Web Design

I see in some javascript codes that people write something like this:

var myVar = "true";
if(myVar == "true") {

Why people don't use TRUE or FALSE? As far as I know boolean type is obvious for browsers.

Or is just a poor code ... and try to never write in this way.

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