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Tung Oil Uses
by brainhulk in Home & Garden
Tung oil is an unsaturated oil that is taken from the seeds of the tung oil tree (Aleurites fordii or Aleurites montana). The tree is native to China but is also grown in the tropical climates of South America. The seeds of the tung oil tree are encased in a hard shell about the size of a walnut that must be broken to expose the seeds. Tung oil is released when the seeds are crushed. Wood Treat
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What is Tung Oil?
by krs in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Over time wood surfaces tend to get scratched, damaged, or otherwise succumb to age and wear and tear. In order to prevent this from happening the wood needs to be finished. This involves using a coat of wood oil over the surface of the wood, which then dries and protects it from damage. Wood oil also helps to give the wood a shine and color treatment to make it more visually appealing. Product
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How to Use Tung Oil
by Miklebud in Home & Garden
Tung oil is used as a finish for new or antique furniture to achieve a hand-rubbed look. A tung oil or Chinawood oil finish is usually applied to unfinished wood, but works just was well over a wood stain. Tung oil has a warm, amber color that gives wood a classic hand-finished look. Tung oil does not create a layer over the wood like varnish, it is absorbed by the wood to create a durable seal th
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How to Apply Tung Oil
by luger in Home & Garden
According to Bob Vila, tung oil is the first choice of people who enjoy finishing wood. This oil, which comes from the nut of the tung-oil tree (Aleurites fordii), deeply penetrates wood and bonds with fibers under the surface, becoming part of it. Tung oil is an excellent sealant and will protect wood finishes from stains and spills if used correctly. Novice wood refinishers often use tung oil be
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Tung Oil Hazards
by S Hall in Hobbies, Games & Toys
For centuries, the Chinese have used tung oil to refinish wood. Tung oil is still favored by hobbyists and builders today because it soaks into the wood, leaving a beautiful, waterproof finish. In addition, tung oil is easy to apply and does not bubble or crack, even in extreme weather conditions. However, any wood treatment is only safe when handled properly, so it is important to know the risks
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How to Mix Tung Oil and Linseed Oil
by Ichinisan in Home & Garden
Both tung oil and linseed oil add a level of moisture to wood, keeping it from drying out and cracking. A combination of the oils embellishes the grain in woods such as maple. The oils absorb deep into the surface offering a layer of protection to the wood. Mix the tung oil and linseed oil properly to enhance your wood items.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
1 tsp. mil
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How to Formulate Tung Oil
by iMelnik in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Pure tung oil is pressed from the seeds of the tung -- a deciduous shade tree native to China. Tung oil, unlike other unsaturates such as castor or linseed oils, penetrates wood to form a clear, waterproof finish resistant to abrasion and alcohol. One drawback of 100 percent tung oil is that it requires five to seven coats with up to three days' drying time between each coat. Tung oil must be sand
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Tung Oil Types
by knockout-2.0 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Tung oil, otherwise known as "China wood oil," is made from the seeds of the Chinese tung tree. It is widely considered to be one of the best natural wood finishes available due to its durability and appearance. There are two types of tung oil: pure and polymerized. Each type produces nearly identical results, but each has its own uses. Pure OilPure tung oil is made directly from the seeds of t
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How to Paint Over Tung Oil
by Jason Haar in Home & Garden
Thorough preparation of all surfaces is the crucial first step in redecorating. This is particularly true if you need to paint over tung oil, or other oily and bituminous substances. Tung oil gives wood a hard, shiny finish and painting over it may seem a difficult prospect. However, with careful preparation and an aluminum-based paint primer, you can achieve excellent results and a smart finish.D
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Precautions for Tung Oil
by mikko in Home & Garden
Tung oil is a natural substance obtained by pressing tung tree nuts. It is used as a finish for wooden furniture and flooring, and the natural light or dark finish that tung oil produces is appreciated for its natural appearance and ease of maintenance. Home woodwork enthusiasts and amateur cabinet makers often finish their work with pure tung oil. While it is safe and nontoxic and easy to apply,
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