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How to Do a Top Twist
by cyclohexane in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
The top twist, also known as a French twist, is a classic hairstyle that creates a formal, elegant look for both day and night events such as a graduation, wedding or party. This hairstyle is achievable with medium-length to long hair. Add more flair to your look by tucking your favorite hair accessories into the updo. For a modern approach, pump up the volume by teasing your hair at the roots bef
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How to Take Out a Twist
by Henry in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Twists are worn by many women who are transitioning from relaxed hair back to their naturally curly texture. Women use this style to mask the texture differences of the hair and encourage faster and healthier growth. After styling the hair in neat, thoroughly detangled twists, it is imperative to remove them carefully to prevent frizziness and split ends. Properly taking out the twists will also
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How to Do the Twist
by Yst in Relationships & Family
Dancing gets the heart rate up, and it brings a smile to the face. The twist is easy and anyone can learn. Get the family together to do the twist to old 60's music and have fun with the whole family.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Make room. Clear a space for everyone to dance with the music. Move coffee tables and clear off rugs that may hinder dancing or bunch up. If you have a hard wood or tile
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Twist Tie Crafts
by CjK in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Twist ties are just one of the many useful but hardly used objects that you might find in your kitchen junk drawer. Don't toss the bunches of twist ties you have collected from bread bags and packages of garbage bags in the trash. Use all those twist ties for craft projects that you can do with your kids or on your own. Twist Tie MobileCreate a mobile with your old twist ties to hang in a baby
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How to Twist Streamers
by Massachusetts in Holidays & Celebrations
Streamers make great party decorations. Whether the party is at your home, school or office, streamers can easily be put up and taken down. You can add an extra dimension to your decorating style by twisting your streamers together.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Scotch tape
A helper

Gather the streamers you want to use. It is a g

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How to Twist Wire
by Sigtryggur in Hobbies, Games & Toys
You are working on a jewelry design and you decide it will look more interesting with twisted wire. Of course, you could purchase square or round twisted wire from most local beads shops, craft supply stores or jewelry suppliers, but making your own can be both more economical and more convenient, especially if you are in a time crunch. This tutorial will show you a variety of ways to twist wire t
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How to Twist & Pin Dreads
by FuzzyHornet in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Dreadlocks are a style that can express religious or spiritual convictions, a way to show ethnic pride, or to make a political or fashion statement. Twist and pin is one of several methods people use to form dreadlocks. This method can only work well with textured hair, such as African American hair. Caucasian or Asian hair is too smooth to keep the twists in place, and reacts best to the back-com
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How to Pre-Twist Stirrups
by ChrisMe in Sports & Fitness
New saddles often come with freshly treated leather, which must be reshaped to fit to a horse rider's body. Stirrups are one of the most challenging areas to reshape on a saddle, and may require up to a week of twisting to stay in place. Stirrups often come with the holes for the feet facing out rather than forward. Pre-twisting stirrups while the saddle is not in use is the most effective way to
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How to Do a Chignon Twist
by LeeFlannery in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Classy and chic, the chignon is an elegant updo that is always in style. The style of the chignon has not changed since its introduction in the '20s, when women revisited their glamorous sides after World War I. Often seen on brides, the chignon is a staple for wedding updos because it is both versatile and dependable -- it will remain in place throughout the evening. Recreating the look is simple
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How to Get Your Mustache to Twist
by NoCreativity in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Most long mustaches are twisted into shape with the help of mustache wax or pomade. While the handlebar is the most notorious of the twisted mustaches, your choice of grooming style is only limited by your imagination and the length of your mustache. According to the Park and Bond website, prospective mustache groomers often have to suffer through an awkward growing stage, where your mustache will

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