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Reading x-access-Level header for Twitter REST API using omniauth-twitter / twitter Gem
by ISAslot in Programming Languages

I'm using Omniauth to authenticate users with Twitter through OAuth (using omniauth-twitter gem). I plan to allow normal users to login with just 'read' permissions, and only authorise 'read-write' permissions if/when they decide to create things within the site.

In my Identity model I'm analysing the AuthHash omniauth passes to the create_with

Intercept a click into a twitter button via twitter iframe for internal counter via jquery
by tiagoggama in Programming Languages

Looking to intercept a click into a stock twitter button. Am attempting to make a note of the click and simply update my on internal counter of these clicks. By running an ajax request to a page that ratchets up. Can a click on this iframed element be caught? Have tried many renditions, here is a stripped down version. Have tried wrapping the element in divs to no avail.


how can I handle “error” in communication to twitter.com? (ruby + twitter gem)
by Nate Bedortha in Programming Languages

I have nice piece of code that works. I tried to tweet the same text and I my script ended because /lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/twitter-0.9.4/lib/twitter.rb:87:in 'raise_errors': (403): Forbidden - Status is a duplicate. (Twitter::General)

I know I cannot tweet the same text twice but I thought I will get the error inside the response variable.

How can I deal wit

Best practice for Twitter login on iOS5 (xAuth or oAuth with Twitter Framework?)
by George in Mobile Programming

I want to get timeline from twitter account, and I need to create the login part.
I want to ask what is the best practice for that.

iOS5 twitter api doesn't let me create custom login screen, the user need to go to the setting and get back to my app manually. So, I believe I'd better to use xAuth on login screen.


Can I still use twitter f

Retreiving Medium or Large Profile Image from Twitter with omniauth-twitter
by Keoki619 in Programming Languages

I'm using omniauth-twitter gem to authenticate users through twitter. I am also using their Twitter profile image as their avatar for my site. However, the image I get from Twitter is low resolution. I know Twitter has better resolution pics available. How do I get it?

Here is what I am currently doing. It is a method in the user model. It works, just doesn't get me a good qua

My iPad App Will Include a Twitter Widget. Will Apple or Twitter Have Issues With This Usage?
by SMOGZINN in Mobile Programming

For the iPad imaging app I am writing I have include the ability to email a friend or send a Twitter tweet for world-of-mouth marketing. Here is what my Twitter widget currently looks like:

Am I asking for trouble by using the Twitter logo in this manner? Will this send up a red flag in the Apple app approval process?


For Wordpress, Is there a Twitter plugin shows twitter updates from people I follow?
by Darin in Web Design

does anybody know if there is a Wordpress plugin that allows me to show Twitter updates from people I follow? If someone knows about it, please share with me. Thanks in advance.

Not getting screen name of user in Twitter if I use Twitter login credentials through setting in iPhone
by OGG in Programming Languages

I am implementing Twitter app for this I am using Twitter framework for login credentials. And in my app I also want to implement a search function so that the user can search another user and see its stats.

NSURL *searchURL = [NSURL URLWithString:@"http://search.twitter.com/search.json?q=nilesh"];
TWRequest *request = [[TWRequest all

How to update Twitter profile picture using twitter api and data:image/gif;base64?
by sql-server in Programming Languages


The above data is a picture in data:im

Extract a specific Twitter users tweets by hashtag - with Rails and the Twitter gem
by Knoxy in Web Design

I'm trying to pull a users tweets with a specific hashtag.
If I remove the hashtag parts, everything is working fine


class Recommendedtweets < ActiveRecord::Base
attr_accessible :content, :screen_name, :tweet_id, :created, :include_entities, :hashtag
def self.pull_tweets

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