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How to add a custom subview to a UITableViewCell derived class when the UITableViewCell is loaded using loadNIB
Category : Mobile Programming

I am trying to add a custom view control to a custom UITableViewCell which I had designed in the interface builder.

Now, to load UITableCellView I am using

NSArray * loadedViews = [[NSBundle mainBundle] loadNibNamed:@"CustomSearchResultsCell" owner:self options:nil];

What method of the CustomSearchResultsCell class will be called the Nib loads the view and

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dragging images placed in a UItableViewCell to another uitableviewcell in iphone
Category : Coding

I am new to iphone app development.

I have placed images in UITableView as an image gallery,in rows and columns.

Now, I want to drag images with in the tableview,by which position of images can be changed.
I have searched for it, but I didnt find any proper solution.
It will be like




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how to set frame of UITableViewCell's AccessoryView without sub classing UITableViewCell
Category : Mobile Programming

Whenever I try to set the frame of a UITableViewCell's AccssoryView it does not make any change to the original frame of the accessory view, however, I want to re-position the accessory view of the default UITableViewCell without any sub-classing ? is that possible ?

I've tired CGAffineTransformations to make a mirror for the cell but it did n

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How to implement a uitableviewcell who's value is derived from another uitableviewcell
Category : Mobile Programming

I'm trying to do something thats fairly simple but I can't see the best way to do it. I have a uitableview with two cell's, the first has a uitextfield in the contextview with the input view set as uidatepicker. The cell maps back to a nsmanageobject date property. The nsmanagedobject has a dependent property which is the difference in days between todays date and the date selected. This value

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gap between UITableViewCell
Category : Mobile Programming

I need to place small gap between UITableViewCell, is there way that I can achieve this?

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How to intantiate a UITableViewCell from a nib
Category : Mobile Programming

One can add a tableviewcell in the nib of its tableviewcontroller, but how do you get to it ?

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iPhone SDK - Big UITableViewCell
Category : Programming Languages

I just wanted to know what kind of UITableViewCell are on applications such as "Mail", and how to set one up. They seem to have much more length for extra text and other objects. A good sample project or some code/reference link would get me started.



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checkbox in UItableviewcell
Category : Mobile Programming

taking reference from url
link text

i am able to bring the checkbox on tableview.
Now on button click i want to check which checkbox is selected. HOw can i do so?

In the url "Amagrammer" suggested to use NSnotification, can any one provide me an tutorial for that.

- (void) toggleImage

selected = !selected;

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Detect a url in a UITableViewCell
Category : Mobile Programming

I'm developing an iPhone app where I take the twitter feeds to a table view.currently I'm inserting a label as a sub view to the table cell to display multiple details.What I want to do is to detect urls inside that label where when we touch the urls,it should open up in safari.How can I do that?.....Hope you guys will help me.


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How to add an image outside a uitableviewcell
Category : Programming Languages

Everywhere people are asking how to add an image inside an Uitableview. Well, I want the opposite, how can I make the cell shorter and add an image in front of it ?
Just like the whatsapp-group-info-screen. (see image)

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