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What Is 3D Ultrasound?
by DexNFx in Health
A 3D (3-dimensional) ultrasound is basically a 3D image of the internal body, usually taken of developing fetuses. To produce the 3D images, a 3D ultrasound uses a modified version of the same technology that produces common 2D ultrasound images. Though the 3D technology certainly produces clearer images, it is not yet a standard in prenatal health care because most health-insurance companies do n
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What Is an Ultrasound Used For?
by slpnshot in Health
Ultrasound is used for the diagnosis of symptoms, examination of internal organs, images of a fetus during pregnancy and assistance with minimally invasive procedures. Diagnosis of SymptomsUltrasound can be used to assist a physician in the diagnosis of symptoms such as pain, swelling and infection.
Examination of Internal OrgansOften an ultrasound is ordered to examine internal organs such

4D Ultrasound Vs. 3D Ultrasound
by General Mills in Parenting
An ultrasound is a way to see your baby before birth. It is also a way for doctors to see how the baby is developing inside the womb. Today, 3D and 4D ultrasounds are newer technology that are becoming more and more popular. Although similar, there are a few differences between the two ultrasounds. 3D UltrasoundA 3D ultrasound is described as ultrasounds that use high frequency sound waves that

About Ultrasound
by CurrentlyPissed in Health
For medical purposes, an ultrasound refers to a procedure, often diagnostic, that uses sound waves to produce an image of the inside of the human body. It is widely used to measure growing fetuses and determine developmental problems, as well as examine internal problems invisible to the naked eye.
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What Is Ultrasound Gel?
by jazzyfox in Health
Many people are acquainted with the colorless, green or blue goo that is squirted onto the bellies of pregnant women at the beginning of an ultrasound. The gel serves several important purposes. Ultrasound GelUltrasound gel is water-based. It is used for all types of ultrasound exams, including obstetric, vascular and cardiac.
Types of GelThere are many brands of ultrasound gel varying in co
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How Soon Can You Have a 3D Ultrasound?
by Barak in Parenting
3D ultrasounds are a way to see your unborn baby in more depth than a traditional black-and-white 2D ultrasound that you get in a medical office. Many women are now turning to 3D ultrasounds to get a glimpse of what their little one's features look like before the birth. This is a novelty-type experience versus the diagnostic experience of a 2D black-and-white ultrasound. If you are considering ha

Uses of Ultrasound Technology
by luci5r in Careers & Job Searching
Ultrasound technology, also known as diagnostic medical sonography, is the use of sound wave equipment to produce images of internal organs for the purposes of physician assessment and diagnosis. Although ultrasound technology is commonly associated with monitoring the progress of a fetus during pregnancy, Ultrasound technology is also used for several other medical purposes. Abdominal Sonogra

How Does 3D Ultrasound Work?
by Meski in Health
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What Is a Renal Ultrasound?
by HidingInABunker in Health
Ultrasound is used to examine different parts of the body. It is pain-free, although the patient may feel some pressure if the sonographer needs to press harder with the transducer, the camera that transmits and receives sound waves. It is often done to evaluate the kidneys and is called a renal ultrasound. Prior to ExamThere is generally no preparation that needs to be done by the patient prio

How To Read an Ultrasound
by Julian Ivanov in Health
Ultrasound is a very challenging imaging modality to comprehend. Sonograms are two-dimensional, grayscale images. Ultrasound waves are sent into the body in pulses. Before another pulse is sent, the time lapsed since the last pulse and the intensity of the returning sound waves (bouncing off of tissues) are used to form an image. Ultrasound waves respond differently to various mediums and artifact
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