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How to Understand a Novel
by Zivic in Education
Novels are complex and successfully understanding each layer can be quite the undertaking. If you're not used to literary material or to reading in general, attempting to understand a novel can be very discouraging. From "Lolita" to "The Sound and the Fury" to "Wuthering Heights," you're going to encounter hundreds of different styles, themes and stories from incredib
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Is it necessary to understand C# before going into ASP.NET?
by Timur Asaliev in C & C++ & C#

Do I have to get some C# class before taking ASP.Net programming lessons?

How to Understand What Men Are Saying
by deanschang in Relationships & Family
Understanding what men are saying is not as tricky as it sounds. When you take time to understand the main desire behind a man's words, everything he says will make sense. Men are easy to understand when you actually listen to what they are telling you, and what they are not telling you.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
The ability to listen

How to Better Understand the Art of War
by KeithTalent in Culture & Society
The Art of War is a treatise on military tactics and maneuvers. It was written in China in the 6th century B.C. by Sun Tzu. Over the centuries it has been modified, collected and quoted, but even 2,600 years after it was written this timeless work continues to shape the world around us, not only in situations of military combat but of business and international relations and even of everyday life.

How to Understand Tax Law
by Kapishin in Legal
Tax laws dictate the fundamentals of the income tax system on the federal and state levels. These laws stipulate how income taxes are collected, what factors qualify a taxpayer for deductions and credits, and what types of income must be taxed. The audit processes, tax penalties and legal defenses a taxpayer has are also established by tax legislation. There are several federal and state tax codes
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How to Understand an LLC
by jkjambo in Business
Starting a new business is a risky venture. The proper type of business structure may help reduce some of the risk. One relatively new, but popular, type of structure is a limited liability company, or LLC, which offers a type of hybrid structure. According to Nolo Press, an LLC enjoys features of both a partnership and a corporation. Typically, only one person is required to start an LLC. As with
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How to Understand Your Eye Rx
by Bobblegate in Health
After having an eye exam your doctor may give you a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Reading your eye prescription can seem to be a daunting task to undertake for most individuals. However, once you understand a few of the abbreviations and numbers used by the optometrist, reading the prescription is easy. Soon, you will be reading an eye prescription like a professional optometrist and
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How to Understand the VIX
by thejunglegod in Personal Finance
VIX is short for volatility index. It is constructed using the volatility from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and a range of S&P 500 call and put options. While the index is based on historical volatility data, it is meant to be a forward-looking calculation, which means it is meant to help traders forecast the future direction of the market. The best way to understand VIX is to underst
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Please help me understand this PL/SQL
by pankaj in Programming Languages

I have to edit a PL/SQL function. I have come across this line which I do not understand. What does this do?


How to Understand TCP/IP
by Daniel in Computers
TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. Although these words may be daunting, TCP/IP is nothing more than a language that computers use to communicate with each other over the Internet. The TCP/IP system functions in two layers: TCP and IP. To get an idea of how this works, review the following description of a typical TCP/IP transfer.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructio
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