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Is there a UNION equivalent to FULL OUTER JOIN in T-SQL that will union dissimilar column sets?
by goffi in Databases

I am trying to accomplish the following:

SELECT col1, col2 FROM table1
SELECT col2, col3 FROM table2

With the result:

col1, col2, col3
1 , 1 , NULL
NULL, 1 , 1

The union of the columns and the rows is returned. You could think of it as the UNION equivalent of a FULL OUTER JOIN.


Referencing a union inside a structure using union tag gives incorrect address
by tangsty in Programming Languages

I had a need to declare a union inside a structure as defined below:

struct MyStruct
int m_DataType;
DWORD m_DataLen;
union theData
char m_Buff [_MAX_PATH];
struct MyData m_myData;
} m_Data;

Initially, I tried accessing the union data as follows (before I added the

How to make a F# discriminated union out of another type's union cases?
by boomhower in Programming Languages

Imagine this discriminated union:

type Direction =
| North
| South
| East
| West

Now imagine that I want a type which only accepts tuples of (North, South) or (East, West). Perhaps this will describe train routes which only run North to South, or East to West. (North, East) and (South, West) should be forbidden, perhaps

Algorithm to take the union of rectangles and to see if the union is still a rectangle
by phokus in Programming Languages

I have a problem in which I have to test whether the union of given set of rectangles forms
a rectangle or not. I don't have much experience solving computational geometry problems.
What my approach to the problem was that since I know the coordinates of all the rectangles, I can easily sort the points and then deduce the corner points of the largest rectangle possible. Then I could s

Benefits Union People Can Get That Non-Union Can't
by Thierry Brunet in Careers & Job Searching
Labor unions in the United States have existed since the 19th century, influencing wages, working conditions and rights of employees. Unions are entities created by workers to oversee and defend their rights against any attempt by employers to exploit their labor. According to the Economic Policy Institute, labor unions raise the wages of their members by roughly 20 percent over those of nonunioni

EF: Is there way to force Linq using UNION instead of UNION ALL
by k19k in Coding

I use Linq with entity-framework.


The GetSetX returns IQueryable.

The generated SQL is an UNION ALL. But I know a UNION is the good way to achieve my goal. Actually my workaround is:


in this case the generated sq

performance of union versus union all
by Thomas in Databases

I have to run a select statement across several tables. I am sure the tables return different records. I am anyway using UNION ALL.

Is it better to use UNION or of UNION ALL in performance terms when I am sure the tables return different records?

how it build values which has both union and union all in db2
by Ben in Coding

Please find the below order of union and union all and suggest me the best way to use both union all and union


My Doubt is,,
hw it will build values..

1. All Matching values from select_query_A
2. All Matching values

How to Transfer Money From an United States Credit Union to an Australian Credit Union
by wcf in Personal Finance
You can use a wire transfer to move money from a United States credit union to a credit union in Australia. It's a very simple transaction that can be performed in person at your credit union in the United States.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Make a cash deposit into a checking or savings account with a credit union in the United States, or confirm that you have money in an existing ac

How can I select mysql data with a union statement where the data matches each select statement, i.e. combine the AND operator with UNION?
by onurtopcu in Programming Languages

Lets say I have a table with just two columns: name and mood. A row holds a persons name, and their mood, if they have multiple moods, then multiple rows are stored in the DB.

For example, in the database is John, who is happy, excited, and proud.

This is represented as

John Happy
John Excited
John Proud

What I want to do is

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