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mod_rewrite With Unknown File Name and Unknown Query String Var Names and Amount
by Christopher Harris in Web Design

I am trying to create SEO friendly URLs for a site that has a varying number of files, each with a different number of potential query string variables. Every example I have come by either has a specific file or variables in the regular expression; no query string rewriting; or it just doesn't work.

I am not the best with regular expressions, but I have been using:


Method 'add' in COM object of class 'Documents' returned error code 0x800A175D (<unknown>) which means: <unknown>
by Flip504 in Web Design

I am trying to open word Template from AX 2012 Reports. It works fine in the env I have developed but when I try to execute the same from different login I face the "COM error"

Please help.

404 needed instead of Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0 on pages with XX0 permissions
by WicKeD in Programming Languages

Using PHP Version 5.3.15 with Apache 2 on a Mac Web Server.

A while back (it's been years) I had this working right and I have no idea what has changed so I was wondering if anyone has a solution.

What I would like to happen is when a file with a "0" permission in the everyone slot (ie 770, 640, etc) is called by the browser from our server the user gets a 404 or page no

[Hibernate][JPA] Unknown mappedBy in .. referenced property unknown:
by davidg in Programming Languages

I have an abstract superclass "RessourceMaterielle" and an entity derived class "Vehicule".
I have a 1 to 1 mapping between the sperclass and another class "Localisation".
The abstract superclass is not represented in the database. I want the mapping between the superclass and the Localisation to be inherited by the derived class, so that Hibernate sees a mapping between Vehicule and

Match Unknown Elements Against an Unknown Index
by Blunc in Web Design

How can I make this more manageable? The song elements are generated by PHP so I don't know how many there will be. The number of variables for current_song is also unknown but is the same as the song elements. Thanks...

function gid(name)
return document.getElementById(name);
function itemMonitor(obj)

How do I center an image of unknown/dynamic height in a floated div of unknown/dynamic height?
by takuya in Web Design

I've seen similar things posted everywhere, and have tried many of them over the last couple days and can't seem to get anywhere. I'm aiming for a pure CSS solution.

So I have a container/parent div, and inside it, a left and right div. The container stretches vertically to fit the larger of the left and right divs (both are of unknown height). The left div is floated to the left an

How can I have more descriptive directions then “unknown road” to “unknown road” in Android
by damomurf in Android

I have items on a map, I would like to give directions to those items. For each map I have a title, and a geopoint (lat, lon). I know that I can send a directions intent using the following :

Uri uri= Uri.parse( "http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=" + currentLocation.getLatitude() + "," + currentLocation.getLongitude() + "&daddr="+mapItem.lat + "," + mapItem.lon );

Sed - unknown option to `s'
by Allan in Operating Systems

I'm trying to use

sed -i -e "s/.*seb.*/ "$ftp_login_template"/" $ftp_dir

however I get this error

sed: -e expression #1, char 34: unknown option to `s'

I don't understand why since this works perfectly

sed -i -e "s/.*wbspassword.*/ "wbspassword": "$password",/" $user_conf

Any ideas

TAGS : unknown option

RPC: Unknown Protocol
by dyarborough in Programming Languages

We are developing a RPC system with client in ubuntu system and server in Solaris system.

Currently we are struck at this error: "RPC: Unknown Protocol"

can some one help us with this?

TAGS : Unknown Protocol

Run Failure (Unknown Cause)
by Martin Koch in Programming Languages

I don't know what's causing the program to fail, other than the fact that it has something to do with trying to assign the left and right children some pointer. There is no error message, the program just fails to run. I just assume it's because I'm assigning the pointers incorrectly.

Here's the struct:

struct TreeNode
Type nodeinfo;

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