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WWE Raw PC Game Unlockables
by coding-style in Hobbies, Games & Toys
WWE Raw is a video game based on the World Wrestling Entertainment franchise. This game was released in 2002 for the Xbox and PC. This game allowed players to interact within the elements that makeup sports entertainment. An interesting fact about this game is that it is the last release before WWE was forced to change it's name from the long-used WWF label. Many secret additions can be unlocked w
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How Do I Rank Up in RDR Multiplayer Unlockables?
by tgwizard in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Red Dead Redemption" is a western game developed by Rockstar games. The multi-player option allows you to play with friends and other users in a variety of team and individual game types. When playing multi-player, you receive a level which increases as you gain experience. As you gain higher levels in multi-player, you gain access to a variety of different weapons that you can then use in the mu

How to Get Unlockables in Multiplayer on Avatar the Game for PS3
by David Porter in Computers
"Avatar: The Game" is based on the movie, so it deals with a race of large blue humanoids from another planet called Pandora. If you want to get unlockables like trophies while in the game's multiplayer mode on PlayStation 3, you can do so by completing objectives that are specific to each trophy.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Kill 10 people in a row without dying, to get the unlockable

How to Unlock Secret Unlockables for "Mario Kart Wii"
by CraKaJaX in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Mario Kart Wii" has the distinction of being the first game of the "Mario Kart" series on the Nintendo Wii. Racers can be controlled using the standard Wii controller, or the Wii steering wheel for a more authentic racing experience. The game may seem shallow and short, but once certain "cups" are completed, more characters, tracks, and races are made available to th

"Guitar Hero 3" for PS2: Unlockables & Tips
by Scott Smith in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock" is a music action game released for the PlayStation 2 console. Developed by Neversoft, creater of the Tony Hawk skateboard series, rather than the original developers Harmonix, it requires players to mimic famous rock guitar tunes by using buttons on the game's controller. Because some of the higher level songs are extremely difficult play, some of the games unlo

Hints & Unlockables for "Saints Row 2"
by Bunny loves data in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Unlockable" rewards are earned by completing activities and missions in the "Saints Row 2" video game. Complete activities to earn cash and the respect required to complete missions and unlock rewards in the game. "Saints Row 2" features 15 activities including racing, drug trafficking and the fight club. RacingDrive aggressively, block and run other cars off the road to gain competitive adva

Unlockables for "Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2010" on the PSP
by rpanic in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2010" is a video game for the PlayStation Portable video game system (PSP), and is based on the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) franchise. "Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2010" was released on October 20, 2009 and was published by THQ. The games features the likenesses of many WWE wrestlers, including their signature moves, and contains gameplay modes such as Story Designer and Create-

How to Get the Unlockables in "Crackdown 2"
by Hugo in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Crackdown 2" is a third-person action game set in the fictional world of Pacific City. In "Crackdown 2," you take the role of a super-powered police officer, and must work to stop the victims of the Freak virus. Infected members of the populace turn into gruesome mutants who wreak havoc on the city. A number of unlockable items are available in the game, but each one will require a specific in-ga

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