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What Is Unrealized Depreciation?
by jrf in Business
Depreciation expense is a charge against the operating income of the company for the usage of assets. Instead of writing the entire cost of the asset off in the year the asset is purchased, depreciation allows accountants to track usage of assets over the asset's useful life. Unrealized depreciation is the remainder of the asset that needs to be written off. Depreciation VariablesDepreciation e

How to Capitalize a Net Unrealized Asset
by jazzyfox in Personal Finance
Investment portfolios can be a maze of gains and losses for investors and companies, alike. Keeping track of gains and losses may easily be a full-time job. There are specific methods that companies should use in recording gains on short-term investments. This action is important in the proper recording of accounts on balance sheets and income statements.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Dete

how to get array from unrealized data
by S Hall in Programming Languages

my code-

<input type="hidden" name="hdnOrder" value="<?php echo htmlentities(serialize($order)); ?>">

on my next page-

$order = array_map('mysql_real_escape_string', unserialize($_REQUEST['hdnOrder']));

it gives me the following error-
Warning: array_map() [function.array-map

How to Record Unrealized Gains
by clubbedseal in Personal Finance
An unrealized gain is not taxable until it is cashed in or sold and this is because the pith of an unrealized gain is potential. It is a gain on paper, known as a paper profit, and a paper profit can in the end be far less of a gain than thought, and can even turn out to be a loss. Though not taxable, it is nonetheless important for investors to record their unrealized gains so they can approximat

How to Calculate Unrealized Gain
by Dennis in Personal Finance
An unrealized gain is the return on an asset (e.g., stocks, bonds, precious metals, etc.) that results from a rise in its market value. In other words, though an investor may make a profit from an asset whose price increases, the profit will be unrealized unless they sell the asset. Also called a "paper profit," an unrealized gain can be calculated using simple arithmetic.Difficulty:Moderately Eas

How to Calculate Unrealized Profit
by sorcerermerlin in Personal Finance
When it comes to investing in areas such as stocks, mutual funds and real estate, many people want to know how much money they are making on their initial investments. Any financial gain above the money that was used to make the investment is called profit. But, there is a big difference between "realized profit" and "unrealized profit." Unrealized profit is profit that has been made while an inve

Is Unrealized Gain an Accrual?
by cyclohexane in Business
Almost all accounting is done on either a cash basis or an accrual basis. Cash basis accounting recognizes revenues and expenses by recording the transactions on the accounts when cash or cash equivalents are received or paid out. In contrast, accrual basis accounting recognizes transactions at the times of their occurrence. Accrued revenues and expenses exist only in accrual basis accounting due

Do You Owe Taxes on Unrealized Income?
by Charlie98 in Personal Finance
Unrealized income is a difficult issue for tax purposes. Businesses and individual taxpayers owe income taxes on all forms of taxable income, even if the income is not translated into liquid assets used to pay a tax bill. Understanding how this works in the specific case of unrealized income is important both for a business with substantial receivables and for individuals with unusual sources of t

Tax on Unrealized Currency Gains
by Jon Riegel in Personal Finance
When a person enters into a currency contract, the gain or loss that will be realized is not immediately known, as most contracts do not result in the parties exchanging the agreed-upon amounts of currency until some point in the future. As a result, the tax code requires the individual to “mark-to-market” the contract, or assess the gain or loss a transaction would provide if the cont

How to Report Unrealized Capital Gains
by Kubla Khan in Personal Finance
For tax purposes, you generally don't have to prepare a report on your unrealized gains for the IRS precisely because they are unrealized. Until you realize a capital gain, you typically can avoid paying tax on it. However, tracking unrealized capital gains can be an important part of your overall investment strategy, as it can tell you how well or poorly your investments are performing. An unreal

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