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how to create a “Uploading! Pls wait…” msg for uploading excel file and load to SQL Server?
Category : Programming Languages

Currently, i have a working function that will let user to upload an excel file and thn insert the excel file data into the SQL Server. So, they might be thousand of records in an excel file, i would like to have a message like "Please wait while uploading..." during the process! i have tried on the update progress and javascript but both of them do not work! u guys have any idea?

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Flash IO error while uploading photo with low uploading internet speed
Category : Web Design


System.security.allowDomain("http://" + _root.tdomain + "/");
import flash.net.FileReferenceList;
import flash.net.FileReference;
import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
import flash.external.*;
/* Main variables */
var session_photos = _root.ph;
var how_much_you_can_upload = 0;
var selected_photos; // container for selected

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IOS6 and Safari Photo Uploading - File API + Canvas + jQuery Ajax Uploading and Resizing Files Asynchronously
Category : Coding

IOS6 has been released and I've been testing photo uploading.

It works well, but with larger images over 3G it is SLOW as expected.

Thanks to File API and Canvas, it is possible to resize images using JavaScript. I hope that if I resize the images before I attempt to upload them, they will upload faster - lending itself to a speedy user experience. With smartphone proces

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IE9 stops uploading photo when other uploading dialog is opened
Category : Web Design

I'm using swfupload to set two upload dialogs in my website, for uploading photos: A and B images.
When dialog A is pressed, it starts with the upload process. Then, when dialog B is pressed (before A finished), A stops uploading, until the relevant file for dialog B is chosen.

It happens only in IE9. In other browsers (like: Chrome, Firefox and Safari) the A image keeps being

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If users are uploading images, and I need to do a lot of resizing/uploading, how should I set up my queue?
Category : Programming Languages

When the user POSTS to my server, should I store the picture in the body of the queue, and then have the "worker" servers pull it out and resize/upload to S3?

The reason I'm using a queue is because resizing/uploading 20 images to S3 takes a long time.

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What Does Uploading Mean?
Category : Computers
Uploading is a computer-related term that describes a user transmitting digital data from one computer system to another computer system. Typically, uploading involves a user sending data from a personal computer through an Internet connection to a mainframe or a network, usually with permission from the receiving system. DownloadingUploading is the opposite of downloading, which is when data i

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for uploading the app on iPod
Category : Mobile Programming

I want to upload my on my iPod but give me error

Check dependencies

[BEROR]Code Sign error: The identity 'iPhone Developer: Arun sharma (JCJ2SGJ26C)' doesn't match any valid certificate/private key pair in the default keychain

can any one help me how to solve this error .

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ASP.NET MVC File Uploading
Category : Programming Languages

HI there,

My model (partial)

public class Document : HttpPostedFileBase
public string DocumentTitle { get; set; }
public string DocumentType { get; set; }

My action

public ActionResult AddDocumentToVault(Document model)

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File uploading in asp.net
Category : Programming Languages

I'm wondering in what way HttpContext.Request keeps uploaded files in memory.
Does is it hold them in RAM only or writes them in some temp dir on the HDD?
How to control this process?

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asp.net best approach for uploading
Category : Programming Languages

I have the following fields in my table

Name NameId City
----- ------ -------
John Smith jsmith Brooklyn

Besides giving the ability for the user to enter the Name NameId, City, what I need to do is to give the ability for the user to upload a file where the name of the file that will be stored on disk will be the same name as NameI

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