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GTK : How to set the Height of a VBox?
Category : Programming Languages

Hi I'm making an app using GTKMM. The screenshot is below:


The Problem is, I'm not able to position the "My Label" to align at the top, just below the Search box.

I'm packing Name,Search box, Search Button into a HBox, which is packed into a VBox, and then MyLabel is packed into the VBox.

I think the problem is that the VBox is assigni

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Flex VBox border
Category : Web Design

How do I add a border to a Flex VBox? My VBox is the renderer of a List. I've tried the following without success (in particular VBox's borderVisible="true" borderStyle="solid" borderColor="0x888888"):

<mx:List id="myList" dataProvider="{myData}"
width="100%" height="100%"

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Anyone know of a multi-column VBox example?
Category : Programming Languages

Just wondering if anyone knows of an example out there, or class I can add to my app that would perform like a VBox but with 2 or more columns?

I'm adding items to a VBox from a loop, and that works fine, but I want to have it split into two columns:

| | |
| Item 1 | Item 2 |
| Item 3 | Item 4 |
| Item 5 | |

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Mimicking a HBox / VBox with CSS
Category : Web Design

I'm an old school tables guy, and am pretty baffled when it comes to modern HTML. I'm trying to something as simple as vertical / horizontal layouts (i.e. Flex's hbox/vbox), but am having major difficulty replicating them.

An old table would look something like this for an HBox:

<table width="100%" height="100">
<tr valign="middle">

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Is it possible to Blur a VBox in Flex?
Category : Programming Languages

I want to blur a VBox component when my mouse is out of it and unblur it when my cursor comes back to the VBox region. How can I blur a VBox in Flex?

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Controlling which VBox gets the scrollbar
Category : Programming Languages

I have the following application and I am trying to put a scrollbar somewhere inside the TabNavigator, preferably on the innermost Vbox, but the scrollbar always ends up on the Panel. Is there some kind of property which controls this? I thought height=100% would have controlled it but it doesn't seem to work.

Sample is here. You can view source on it:
VBox Sample


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Fill an HBox in from the right? VBox from the bottom?
Category : Programming Languages

I only really need the HBox answer but figure that if we get a good answer in here it would help anyone trying to do a similar thing with a VBox. It would be nice to know this in both actionscript and MXML.

So I have an HBox that I want some text aligned from the left and some radios from the right. Like so:


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Flex 4 How to set background image to VBox?
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to use simple css rules as we do it in html to customize my app style but even simple


doesn't work. I read about many different situations based on old-new flex versions but couldn't understand anything. So how do you change simple container background-image in flex mx?<

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flex add radiobutton child to VBox
Category : Web Design

I am having troubles adding a radiobutton to a VBox in actionscript.

var radioButton:RadioButton = new RadioButton();
radioButton.groupName = "source";
radioButton.label = "label";
radioButton.selected = false;
radioButton.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, sourceChangeHandler);

I first

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Flex having a VBox with Vertical Buttons
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to get a left hand like panel bar in my application, one much like the OneNote left hand(notebook) panel.

I have been trying to use a VBox with Buttons and setting the rotation on the buttons to 90. The buttons seem to disappear when I do this.

An example of what I am trying to achieve is here: http://www.rid00z.net/panelBarExample.png

What is t

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