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GTK : How to set the Height of a VBox?
by Ferzerp in Programming Languages

Hi I'm making an app using GTKMM. The screenshot is below:


The Problem is, I'm not able to position the "My Label" to align at the top, just below the Search box.

I'm packing Name,Search box, Search Button into a HBox, which is packed into a VBox, and then MyLabel is packed into the VBox.

I think the problem is that the VBox is assigni

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Anyone know of a multi-column VBox example?
by Nate Bedortha in Programming Languages

Just wondering if anyone knows of an example out there, or class I can add to my app that would perform like a VBox but with 2 or more columns?

I'm adding items to a VBox from a loop, and that works fine, but I want to have it split into two columns:

| | |
| Item 1 | Item 2 |
| Item 3 | Item 4 |
| Item 5 | |

Controlling which VBox gets the scrollbar
by zz64 in Programming Languages

I have the following application and I am trying to put a scrollbar somewhere inside the TabNavigator, preferably on the innermost Vbox, but the scrollbar always ends up on the Panel. Is there some kind of property which controls this? I thought height=100% would have controlled it but it doesn't seem to work.

Sample is here. You can view source on it:
VBox Sample


Flex VBox border
by Erik in Web Design

How do I add a border to a Flex VBox? My VBox is the renderer of a List. I've tried the following without success (in particular VBox's borderVisible="true" borderStyle="solid" borderColor="0x888888"):

<mx:List id="myList" dataProvider="{myData}"
width="100%" height="100%"
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Mimicking a HBox / VBox with CSS
by Jouni in Web Design

I'm an old school tables guy, and am pretty baffled when it comes to modern HTML. I'm trying to something as simple as vertical / horizontal layouts (i.e. Flex's hbox/vbox), but am having major difficulty replicating them.

An old table would look something like this for an HBox:

<table width="100%" height="100">
<tr valign="middle">

Is it possible to Blur a VBox in Flex?
by PenguinPower in Programming Languages

I want to blur a VBox component when my mouse is out of it and unblur it when my cursor comes back to the VBox region. How can I blur a VBox in Flex?

Flex 4 How to set background image to VBox?
by jihe in Web Design

I'm trying to use simple css rules as we do it in html to customize my app style but even simple


doesn't work. I read about many different situations based on old-new flex versions but couldn't understand anything. So how do you change simple container background-image in flex mx?<

flex add radiobutton child to VBox
by Londo_Jowo in Web Design

I am having troubles adding a radiobutton to a VBox in actionscript.

var radioButton:RadioButton = new RadioButton();
radioButton.groupName = "source";
radioButton.label = "label";
radioButton.selected = false;
radioButton.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, sourceChangeHandler);

I first

Fill an HBox in from the right? VBox from the bottom?
by Matthew Steed in Programming Languages

I only really need the HBox answer but figure that if we get a good answer in here it would help anyone trying to do a similar thing with a VBox. It would be nice to know this in both actionscript and MXML.

So I have an HBox that I want some text aligned from the left and some radios from the right. Like so:


How Do I Download My Virgin Vbox to My Computer?
by Riparian in Electronics
Virgin's Media Vbox allows subscribers to digitally record broadcast television for storage on the internal drive, with an option expanded hard drive for greater storage. While subscribers may use the unit (and the drive) it is still considered the property of Virgin Media and therefore tightly restricted. As such, both the USB and Ethernet ports are disabled. Downloading from the Vbox to a comput

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